Changing the Home Game by Patrice Horner


By Patrice Horner

As years go by, sometimes the old home seems quiet and you feel like your knocking around in an empty box. Instead of outgrowing your home, it may be that you should start thinking about shrinking your accommodations. There is no architectural equivalent for a renovation removal of a room or two. Surprisingly, it is better to start the downsizing process sooner rather than later and keep on the look-out for a charming little cottage.


If you are like most couples, you may be thinking that somewhere in your 70-80s is the best time to change the home game. There might be flocks of grandchildren and visitors to entertain, so you will need the room. Even for the most popular grandparents, that will be only part of the year. The rest of the time there is still cleaning and cooling or heating.


According to the International Federation of Aging (IFA), it is suggested that the downsizing and resettling are better done when you are in your sixities (60’s). Really! It gives you time to resettle and plan the home for your when your mobility declines.

You can select a place where everything is on one floor and easily accessible. You can organize things for your visitors or locate a bed and breakfast nearby. You might want to plan for a room for a care-giver. Many of us have gone or are going through a care-giving scenario for our parents. Wouldn’t it be better to ready things for yourself? If your children are really interested in the homestead, have them buy it.

Starting in your 60s offers multiple benefits. Such a preemptive move will also most likely free up some capital that you can organize in an investment portfolio or annuity to ensure there are funds for your living expenses. With any luck, there might be something available for travel. And guess what, there will be less to worry about when you are away.

Patrice Horner holds an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP-US). She covers issues concerning the financial planning industry and profession. Horner is a director of Senior Solutions Ltd. and previously the VP of North Atlantic Management Ltd, a pension investment advisory firm.

2 responses to “Changing the Home Game by Patrice Horner

  1. I agree, I downsized in my 60’s to a bungalow so that I could easily look after my elderly mother. Plus, it was difficult to find the right house so I started to look early. Don’t wait for legs or your heath to get worse, it will happen, do it in advance!

  2. I have been thinking about this idea when i transferred to a 2 bedroom house close to my kids’ home.eventually i realized i was no longer as interested to have a real house but opting to get a one bedroom condominium soon instead, easy to clean and with the security around the vicinity, not being afraid that someone would just forcibly enter your home when you are out for a couple of days.i am 57 years old.

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