Facebook feedback by Bill Storie

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By Bill Storie

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been writing about the Fun, the Facts and the Fury of Facebook. It seemed to go over well with everyone. Even Mark liked it !!!!

No seriously, it did elicit many comments and observations. It actually attracted many comments from people saying things like, “Wow, that’s exactly how I feel too.”

I wasn’t on any mission to criticize Facebook, nor sing its praises as such. I just wanted to share with the Olderhood Family how I have seen events and issues with Facebook over the past couple of years.

One of the core principles of Olderhood has been, and will continue to be, the chance to share thoughts and feelings with others in Olderhood, to, if nothing else, show that you are not alone with your thoughts about life issues and so forth. In fact you are not alone on probably every concern in your life – we have shown without any shadow of doubt that the emotions of a person in say Bangalore, India is mirrored by a person in the Western Cape, South Africa, which is mirrored by a person in Cebu, Philippines. Remarkable really.

We receive many comments from people in both Olderhood and our Olderhood International Club, from people (mainly women) who feel safe and secure here, who are living on their own, which have no family around them and seek friendship ……. So, when they log in to Olderhood at whatever time of their day, there is always someone to say hello, or something to read, or something to share.

In all modesty I have to say that we are humbled but very, very proud to be able to provide this trusted and reliable platform for everyone.

One small feedback issue from the articles was that earlier this week I posted a Question in Olderhood asking if we needed to start Tweeting (is that the right word ?? ;-).


Clear enough. No-one wanted us to start Twittering. They are entirely satisfied with the Facebook pages we provide and the podcasts and videocasts. We’ll be uploading a brand new Video Update in a day or so by the way ….. watch out for it !!!!!

So, the need for instant notifications seems of no interest. Phew. We were really a bit perturbed that we would have to start a new channel of words and things to say. So, it did come as some relief to know that we would not have to have figure out “ToWit, toWho” (get it, get it ???). Thanks for your feedback.

So, onwards and upwards with Facebook.

If I may, can I remind you that in 2014 we had some 6.7 Million Post Views. So, I think it’s fair to say that we must be doing something right in our Olderhood Facebook Pages………. We also have Olderhood Philippines and Olderhood Bermuda Pages as well.

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so don’t hesitate.

When you watch the Update Video we make mention of a lot of television work that we are now doing in Olderhood. We have some big plans, and really hope that you will stay with us, support our efforts to bring you quality information, and spread the word.

Olderhood really has grown up now and we are a full-fledged source for retirees and those in retirement planning. We are certainly one of the leading sites on the worldwide internet for this type of information sharing and community spirit.

The more we share the better for all of us.

Thanks again for your feedback and thanks for your support.

Bill Storie,

Founder of Olderhood

Based in Bermuda.

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