Let our past help our future by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

This morning I watched the State Opening of Parliament in London. That’s when the Queen pops over to Westminster to the House of Lords and delivers a speech, written for her, by the Government of the day, outlining what the Government is going to do going forwards. It’s a grand affair for sure.

Hundreds of people get very dressed up and ornate, that one wonders if it really is all worth it. Some of the “costumes” date back centuries (I’m sure they have washed them a few times since of course – maybe not !!). The colors are fantastic and the pageantry cannot be equaled anywhere else in the world except London.

I have to say that I love the historical significance of the event (and many others in that part of the world). In today’s politically correct world, where there seems to be lots of people desperate to throw away our history in favor of some “fairer” society, I still hold the belief that it is our history that has got us where we are today.

But today’s event made me think about where I am today in my own life in retirement. Had it not been for my own personal and family history where would I be today. Is not the events of a personal past the cornerstone of a person’s character…?

I love being called “old fashioned”. I really do.

“You’re stuck in the past.” Yup

“You’re ideals and ways are outdated, the world has moved on.” So what?

I am what I am.

Yes I have changed in many ways over these past xxx years I admit, but my core being still controls most of my life. I loved football when I was a kid (ok, soccer !!).. I still do. Is that the test of my character?… no, not really, but it is nice to reminisce about games I saw when I was younger. I have that history.

Stuff I learned in my early school days still helps me. All of that was the basis, the platform if you prefer, to set me up for later life. Times have changed and methods have changed but I don’t see much wrong with what I learned back then. Those guidelines were acceptable back then, so why can’t they be acceptable now?

In today’s world we seem to want to keep quiet about silliness, injustice, greed, inhumanity and so forth. Why?

There surely must still be principles and standards and morals and ethics and attitudes in life – or should we just throw all of that away and let every nutcase rule the world just because that’s the new standard? I think not. I don’t advocate taking to the streets and shouting at people, but I do believe that we must try and protect the parts of our society that need protection. There is a difference between “right” and “wrong”.

So, thank you London for reminding us that there is historical significance to our lives, that there are centuries-old traditions which still hold good today, that there remains a need today to hold on to beliefs and customs and “best practice”.

You may not agree with the phrase, established centuries ago, “Long Live the Queen”………

but I sincerely hope you agree with ….

Long Live History

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