Looking forward to 1984 By Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

In June 1949 (a month before a very famous man was born ;-))), a book was published.

It was written by George Orwell.

It was a mixture of political fiction, science fiction and a lot of imagination – both genuine and ludicrous. It became a best seller. It still is a best seller.

It’s fair to say that it impacted many people, this author among them. The sheer speculative notions that he crafted were of immense interest to a young lad in rural Scotland. I suspect I was reading about it when I was about 7, maybe 8.

Yet, when I look back, and recall the effect it had on me, it was not so much the strange predictions that stuck with me, but the fact that “1984” seemed SO, SO far away. How could anyone write that far into the future? I had been used to reading history books about stuff that had already happened – last year, last century etc. That was easy-peasy by comparison.

So here I am 60 odd years later still remembering about how 1984 was so far ahead, yet in reality, 1984 is NOW a long, long time ago. Weird huh.

I’ve no idea why I am writing about this (“Nothing new on that front”, I hear you say)..?

I guess I’m reflecting on how, in these retirement years, we all have strange flashbacks to things, or events, or people, or books, from our early years. And in this case, how as a youngster I could not imagine thinking about things that would happen 30 years or so in the future. Now I look back and think, “What the hell happened..?”

Did I sleep through the intervening years? Did I pass through 1984 and forget all about Orwell’s book.? Did I ever “replay and revisit” the feelings from my early years around the time of 1984 to check how much of his predictions came true … and how much of my feelings were real.

I remember those feelings as if they occurred yesterday. I honestly do.

Do you still remember things you did at early school?

I bet you do.

Tastes, smells, cry days, laugh days, happy days, sad days, cold days, warm nights, cousins, visitors to the house, homework, playing sports, falling off bicycles, spending hours on your own in your bedroom wondering what you wanted to be when you grew up, wondering if you would ever grow up …. and on, and on, and on. Fill in your own blanks.

Fun isn’t it?

I would love to be really smart and be able to tell you that there is a moral to this (or any of the nonsense I write), but don’t be too disappointed, because I have no idea of a moral to any of it. I just think it’s cute to have recalled a feeling from last century which still resonates with me and how time, far away in the future, really does bring me back to the “here and now”, and how life is today, and for living today.

Hey, maybe I have found a moral to this after all.. !!!

Looking forward to 1984 maybe helped shape my earlier life…… maybe looking back to 1984 is now helping to shape my later life.

Who knows….

But in any event, Thanks George.

By Bill Storie

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