An apple a day


The past couple of weeks I have been suffering the effects of mystery allergies. I was fortunate not to have any allergies as a child and I have found the onset of adult allergies somewhat distressing. It is rather like walking across a frozen pond wondering when the ice is going to break plunging you into the freezing depths.

Common sense would tell you not to head out over the ice at all, but that would be the equivalent of never leaving the house! You know you shouldn’t think about it all the time, and quite often you don’t; but just when you get you start to think that maybe you have finally sorted it out, another outbreak appears.

It is so frustrating.

In my case there is no discernable pattern. My know allergies include: palm dust, termites, cool whip, scotch guard and possibly limes (this last one is surprisingly common I am told – I can eat them but I can’t touch them. Good grief.)

I have tried all sorts of remedies and potions. Everything from prescription allergy drugs to drug store pills, calamine lotion, cortisone cream, zinc oxide and tea tree oil. All had some sort of effect but nothing really provided that magic bullet relief.

But then I got desperate and tried a centuries old remedy and finally got almost instant relief.

You are never going to believe what it was either.

Are you ready for it?

Apple Cider Vinegar.

No I am not kidding – not only did it take the heat out of a skin irritation – it healed it up practically overnight.

So, not being a doctor, I decided to do some research and I discovered what some of you may already know. Vinegar has been around since about 5000 BC and has been used for everything from aiding digestion, to an antiseptic, to cleaning windows.

I can vouch for window cleaning and skin healing but it seems to be recommended for just about everything. In particular, it is currently popular as tonic for losing weight and lowering blood sugar. It worked so well on my leg I have decided to try drinking it for a while to see what happens. I have a firm policy against sharing untried recipes so I am not going to give you the proportions for the mixture I am drinking today, but I will let you know how it goes in a future article.

For the time being, you can read more about the virtues of vinegar here (as always, consult your own physician before trying anything you read online):

Even better, if you have a vinegar experience to share, or a tip to recommend, please add it to the comments below.


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