Gone (Ice) Fishing By Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Yes, I live in Bermuda.

Yes, today here, it is 85F (29c)

But I fancy doing some ice fishing.

For those of you who are not familiar with ice fishing, it means you go to a frozen lake (that’s the ice part), slide out to the middle (that’s the daft part), dig a hole in the ice (that’s the tough part), sit on a stool in a hut on the ice (that’s the funny part), poke your rod (that’s the wooden part in case you misconstrued !!) through the hole, and catch fish (that’s the fishing part). Cool huh.

So why has this idea popped into this old head, you ask.

Well, I was watching “Frasier” again (Yes, I know, “get a life”) and he and his brother and father went fishing, not really to fish, but to bond as father and sons. In fact the fishing part was the last thing on their minds – keeping warm was first, plus a bottle of Jim Beam whisky (I think !!).

And it made me wonder what other daft ideas do people have to meet, or “re-meet”, or “first-meet”, their long-lost family.

I’ve read about people who were separated from their siblings at the baby stage and never saw them again – sometimes don’t even know they have a brother or sister. Then, through some quirk of fate, discover that they do have family across the other wide of the world. So, they decide that it would be wonderful to meet up.

Plans are made, budgets are irrelevant, travel time not an issue ….. off they trot to the Big Meet.

Chances are that they need an intermediary to point out which one is their brother/sister. Maybe they hold a big sign that says, “Hi Joe, I’m your sister”. Who knows.

“Wow, it’s great to meet you at last. It must be 62 years we last met, what ya been doin’…?”


Ok, call me cynical, but what the hell do they have in common? Not much.

So far less the hard work to recall what you have been doing yourself, far less trying to remember any of it, far less trying to think of stuff that Sis might be remotely interested in …… but then the reality sets in……… Sis has no interest at all…. !!!

Wasted trip? No, probably not in fairness. I suppose it’s nice to meet up and realize that you have a sister/brother that you’ve never seen. But, the truth is that you’ve lived all your life “Sans Sis”, so why get excited now..? And yes, at this age, you’re allowed to be grumpy.

So, if you have a sister/brother/etc that you haven’t seen in umpteen years, or maybe didn’t even know about, then go ahead and catch up. Don’t listen to me (you don’t anyway). Have a nice time, share a hamburger and milk shake, drown a few pints of beer (watch the loo visits though), and take lots of photos that will sit on your camera/phone for ever (mainly because you don’t know how to download them !!). Bonding, that’s what it’s all about.

Personally, I still fancy this ice fishing gig though.


By Bill Storie





2 responses to “Gone (Ice) Fishing By Bill Storie

  1. Funny, my wife found out that her uncle was actually her half brother. Her mother had him very young and my wife’s grandmother adopted him to avoid a scandal! My wife and her half brother both love to fish.

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