“Fantastisch Muziek” by Bill Storie


concert 1

By Bill Storie

This past weekend I watched a brilliant concert featuring the famous Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra from his hometown of Maastricht in Holland. He plays all over the world but every summer he returns home to play a series of concerts in front of thousands of fans in the town square, the Vrijthof.

If you haven’t heard this guy you’re missing something in your life.

This is high quality classical and contemporary music played in a light-hearted and fun fashion. The audience, the orchestra and everyone associated with it have a great time. I have actually been in the Vritjhof to watch one of his concerts a few years back. Magical.

The one I watched this weekend had a Venice theme.


It runs for over 2 and a half hours – the whole concert … so be aware !!!!!.

This concert includes Nessun Dorma sung by the Three Tenors ; Ode to Joy ; the Blue Danube where Rieu dances with a 100 Year old nun from the audience ; three wonderfully talented sopranos, and also includes the “Gondolieri de Venezia”.; plus the 9-year old girl who won Holland’s Got Talent (wait to you hear this talent and confidence !!), and much more.

So, make an evening of it. Get the family around, make some food, get some wine and sit back and be entertained by the largest selling musician in the world in ANY genre. Yup, ANY.

If you don’t come away inspired then you watched the wrong video !!!!

He makes a great point in the concert about music making people happy and that if we focused more on music then the world would be a happier place. He’s right.

I wonder if we could play Rieu music into the Parliaments and legislatures around the world. Would it make a difference..? Probably not.

But he is correct that if we focus more on the positive, uplifting things in life, then broadly speaking we would probably have a better outlook on life and probably would be healthier, and certainly happier.

When someone asks you how you are today, instead of saying, “I’m OK”, try saying “Great.” See if it changes your demeanor and inner peace. Simple really, but probably fairly effective. If nothing else, then the other person will go away wondering what on earth is making you so happy and upbeat. Works every time.

Of course there are times and events in your life where being bouncy isn’t working for you. Understood. But if you have a choice between happy and sad, choose happy.

As usual, I have no idea why I am yakking on about this. Not even sure I know why I’m talking about a concert – I’m not even on commission from Mr. Rieu. But, I love his music and his style, so I thought I’d just share it with you and bring a little bit of excitement, fun and inspiration to you. Maybe you need it, maybe you don’t, but I share it with you anyway.

Next week I promise to get back to more serious matters and advice.

Nah, I’ve changed my mind.

I think I’ll keep talking about Fantastisch Muziek

By Bill Storie

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