Bob is Back !!!

bob and wife

Editor’s note: I am thrilled to announce that Bob Lowry has settled into his new home and made his way back to the keyboard. His new blog is called Satisfying Journey and the following is the first of what we hope win be many entries:

A Satisfying Journey: What a Satisfying Retirement Becomes by Bob Lowry
If you have been one of regular readers of the blog, Satisfying Retirement, you know I decided to stop writing in April. After almost five years I felt as though that well had run dry. I had written about every part of retirement from all sorts of perspectives and directions.Readership was at an all time high, comments were insightful and without the abrasive nature of too much of the blogging world today. With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day for the next 14 years there certainly was an audience. My book continues to sell on Amazon and the requests for interviews, book reviews, and guest posts were steady.

Even so, I felt there was little more I could bring to the table on the subject of retirement as a full time topic. Coupled with an emotional and change-filled first 4 months of 2015, the time just felt right to stop.

However, a writer must write. I get a creative high from putting thoughts on paper (or computer screen). I enjoyed the family-like atmosphere that regular readers created for all of us who spent some time at that web address. I made some life-long friends from those interactions that took contact from the virtual world to the real one.

So, after nearly two months of not thinking about blogging at all, I began to feel a stirring, an awakening that made me wonder what else I might find interesting enough to write about and worthwhile enough for others to read, without dealing with the familiar ground of retirement.

A Satisfying Journey is the result.

During the last 18 months of Satisfying Retirement I gave myself permission to write more about lifestyle and family issues, health and finances, travel and learning from a perspective that didn’t have to tie everything to not working.

If 14 years of retirement taught me one lesson, it is that this time of life can be fulfilling, creative, and energizing, while also being scary, confusing, and unpredictable. In short, it is like any time in one’s life. Retirement is just a label. On its own it doesn’t clarify or describe anything. It is up to us who have been limited by that word to show the world (and ourselves) that the only limits are the ones we accept.

A Satisfying Journey is going to be about a time of life that can be filled with purpose and joy. Will the word retirement ever be used? Sure. Is this going to be nothing but a rose-colored glasses look at a world that seems to be bouncing from crisis to crisis? Hardly.

What I would like it to be is a voice of reason, of hope and enthusiasm, a call to rise above the negative, a take on life that says no matter what limitations health, finances, a difficult family situation, or the current political state we find ourselves, each life has the potential for fulfillment and joy that only needs encouragement and support to realize.

I am going to write about my own life and how it is unfolding since my retirement ( see, there it is!) in 2001. I may report on how others have taken something difficult in their life and made it a positive force. I will write about my failures, frustrations, and problems and how I plan to overcome them. I will write about the good times, the day-to-day of a life that tries to make the most of opportunity and options.

Occasionally, I may comment on something political or social in the news, but hopefully not in a way that inflames a difficult situation or upsets anyone. There are certainly plenty of web sites, blogs, and TV channels that do that already. Respect and civility will be the goals.

Blogging about retirement was fun and educational for me. But, it became too restrictive during a time of life when so many of our limits have been removed.

Please join me as I explore my Satisfying Journey. 

To keep things simple and allow new readers to take a look at older posts in the archives that deal with retirement, I will be staying at the same web address, at least for now. If I do move, I will provide an easy-to-follow link.

And, yes, it feels good to be back at the keyboard.

By Bob Lowry


One response to “Bob is Back !!!

  1. what i read about are excatly what i would have written myself. but woe on me – i can’t write – but i can read, surely. so thank you for writing about simple things that matter. i see me along this satisfying journey. i am 70, alone but not lonely.

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