Taking Stock


As I sat here this evening staring at the computer screen and wondering what to write about, it occurred to me that Olderhood is now in its third year.

That is really hard for me to believe on the one hand, and also really exciting on the other when I start to imagine where we might be in another three years.

This journey that Bill Storie and I started has taken on a life of its own and there are now more than 60,000 of you stopping by now again to see what we are up to. In the short time that we have all been together we have:

  • Started a blog
  • Found guest writers
  • Learned how to podcast
  • Started a Facebook page
  • Started a Facebook group
  • Published a weekly email newsletter
  • Published an e-book
  • Designed T-Shirts
  • Started face to face meetings in the Philippines
  • Made video blogs
  • Started a production company
  • Produced 2 seasons of local television
  • Hosted a charity telethon
  • Created a Pinterest page
  • Created an Instagram page

Whew … no wonder I have no free time! (g)

Bill once remarked that starting a company was rather like being the man who spins plates on sticks in the circus. At first it’s easy – but then before you know what happened you are madly running up and down spinning plates and trying to prevent any of them from dropping.

Hmm. I think I now know what he meant.

So, far from giving up, the time has come to start gluing all these bits and pieces together into something more manageable for us – and more importantly, something more user friendly for you. Bill and I have had a few strategy meetings regarding this and I have two pieces of great news: we have come up with a plan and we are still speaking to each other (just checking to see if you are reading all the way to the end!)

Anyhoo … the blog is a living breathing thing and so it means that we will be configuring and testing out new features in real time. Some things may require a little adjustment (and again and again … cough).

So if you have not had a look lately … check it out and let us know what you think: www.olderhood.com

And remember: suggestions are welcome … criticism is tolerated … nastiness is for beginners.


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