Starbucks the Movie by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Confused already?

Let me explain.

The other night I watched an old movie, a really old movie called “Moby Dick”. No chuckling at the back now, it’s actually about a whale. A big one. The whale I mean !!

It was in black and white and to be honest it was a bit corny. The acting was very dramatic at times. But it was released in 1956, so many of you were mere kids (me too). Anyway, it was actually quite good and reminded me of a few things. First, that whales are really big. Secondly, that the sea can be really rough. But lastly it reminded me that I like coffee.

Lost you now I imagine.

The captain of the ship, the Pequod is Gregory Peck, whose acting to be honest was a bit overboard (which is where he ended up !), but his second in command, played be Leo Genn is …. wait for it ….. Mr. Starbuck. Yup, the coffee guy.

In fact, the founders of the coffee chain originally wanted to call it Pequod, after the boat, but finally decided on Starbucks. But the irony doesn’t stop there.

They believed that words that begin with “ST” (a la STarbucks) are powerful words. So might I interject into this ramble and remind you that apparently yours truly would thus seem to have a powerful surname .. who knew!!!

Isn’t it amazing what trivia you can find in the world of Olderhood….?

The other thing I’ve done this week is to upgrade our Pinterest Page.

I’ve never really been convinced that Pins would help us to spread the message of Olderhood and so forth. But I listened to a very good podcast last week about this guy in Texas who uses it daily and posts up to 30 Pins every day. So I did some research and found out some cool stuff (like the lingo?).

Anyhoo, I started to design and create new Images, used some of the Posts we’ve made on Facebook (the successful ones mainly) and have now set up about 250 Pins – which compared to many of you I imagine is teensy-weensy. But have a look and see what you think.

We’d actually like to develop Olderhood Boards by Country – you’ll see one in there for Olderhood Philippines and would invite you to help us fill these Boards up with relevant content from your country – in native language if you prefer.

My Olderhood Co-Founder, Robin Trimingham, has also upgraded our Instagram Page with lots of photos that she has taken. It’s going to take me a wee while longer to work out why this “cool stuff” (there I go again !!) works, but I’m a patient guy ;-)) , so I’ll hang in there. Anyhoo, have a look there too. And tell us if you’d like to help us with other photos etc.

It took me about a year to work out the detailed intricacies of Facebook (it’s not as simple as people tell you, by the way). I am constantly amazed how people, companies as well in fact, seem to think they can set up a Facebook Page and fill it with irrelevant junk and expect to get thousands of Likes every week. The inability to correlate their Postings to their “Business” astounds me. They just don’t get it.

Rant over. Ramble done. Revert to normality next week.

So bye from, me……Bill …… the apparently powerful ……. Storie

By Bill Storie


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