The Ultimate Power Source: An Eight Year Old Boy by Bob Lowry

By Bob Lowry
As I write this I am worn out. After two days of being with my grandson, I am ready for a long nap. Did I ever have that much energy? Could I ever talk that much without running out of words? Did my brain ever generate ideas and thoughts that quickly? Is there any way to harness the pure energy that pours out of a young boy? If so, we could satisfy the world’s power needs forever.Let’s recap. From late on a Friday afternoon until just after lunch on a Sunday morning, or roughly 45 hours, here is what our human dynamo of a grandson accomplished (minus 19 hours spent sleeping)* We watched two full length movies (Newsies & Star Wars) and a few shorter TV shows.

* We spent almost two hours Friday evening at a local park where we were treated to an exhibition and discussion on moths, scorpions, giant beetles, ants, and butterflies. For a break from all the learning we walked around a beautiful lake at sunset and he did some arts and crafts projects.

*The next morning was spent at a local Lowes building center, putting together a wooden action figure motorcycle. He barely looked at the directions for the dozen or so pieces; he just instinctively knew what went where.

* We took our dog, Bailey, to the park twice for walks and romping around the area, all in the 105 degree heat.

* Betty and he handmade dozens of miniature capes and coats for Lego action figures out of various colors of duct tape.

* We played a Disney board game.

*He invented a game involving a white board and colored pens. We played several times, with him usually winning.

* We had a 60 minute quiet time each day for book reading

* He helped clean up after meals

* We took him to dinner at a buffet restaurant, where he was allowed to choose whatever he wanted and in whatever quantity he desired.  He said this was the highlight of the weekend for him! At home, I am pretty sure chocolate covered marshmallows, cotton candy, a cupcake, and jelly beans are not on the menu. Add to that pizza, french fries, and watermelon, and he was a happy young man.

Betty and I are tired, but happy. Having grandkids who want to spend time with their grandparents is a special blessing. When they are as energetic and full of life as he is, that positive approach to life has to rub off.

…just another part of the satisfying journey.

 By Bob Lowry

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