I’m in heat !! by Bill Storie

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By Bill Storie

I’m in Heat !!!!

Well, that got your attention. Well some of you at least. Ok, two of you.

As a young man I always wondered what being “in heat” really meant. It was never discussed en famille and there was little to read up on it in the library (before this Internet thing of course.). Yet the phrase was used a lot in everyday life. Sure, we talked about dogs and cats being “in heat” but the occasional reference to some young stud would pop up, so to speak, from time to time. Present company included of course !!

But I never did discover where the phrase came from or its derivation. Who started saying it, for example…?

Now, as an old geezer, I understand it fully. And my findings will surprise many of you.

As you know, I live in Bermuda (somebody has to do it !!!) and one thing we can say about this lovely island is that, in the summer it can get really, really hot. Getting my drift now are we?

This summer for example seems to have been exceptionally warm. Oh yes, there are climate issues, upper air streams, frontal systems, humidity issues and so forth, but I figured out why I am “in heat” …

I’m getting old. Yikes, who knew.

I was never a “beachy” person, even when the kids were younger. I didn’t lie beside swimming pools much and lying on a sunbed to get a tan…. Well, please !!!!

I loved the water part of that, but the sun part?………… nope. Yet I coped with the heat going to work, commuting and chilling at the weekend. Mind you air conditioning helped. Dashing into shops to cool down was the exact opposite of what I did as a kid in Scotland, where we would dash in to a shop to get warm. Funny old world.

So, it got me to thinking whether this getting old nonsense has any effect on my temperature gauge. Maybe my hormones are shot to hell. Maybe my testosterone levels are off the chart (the wrong way I hasten to add). Maybe my….. oh well, don’t let’s go there.

So I put it down to age. The older we get the more impacted we are by things like hot and cold (among tons of other unwanted stuff of course). There’s no doubt that the body machine has a few rust spots, so the odd leakage or whatever, cannot be ignored.

Yet……… and here’s the point I’m finally getting to …………

I do feel the heat, notwithstanding this has been a hot summer thus far, but guess what….. I’m not complaining too much because I don’t have to handle the daily routine of work and going out at awkward times of the day, or even getting dressed up for the office. I’m retired !!!! Woo-hoo.

If I choose to go out in the blazing heat then it is MY choice, not because I have to. I can schedule my to-do list around early morning or evenings. And if I do go out for lunch say, then I can choose places where I am inside in air conditioning. I don’t have to suffer, and I do mean suffer, the irritation of walking across town to a meeting with a tie on, and arriving at the office drenched in wet stuff, shirt looking like it was stuck to me and my hair looking like I’d stepped out of the shower. Nope, not for this lad any more. If you want to meet me in the middle of the day and if I have to walk far in the heat, then I ain’t coming. So there.

I am slowly building a dossier of good things about retirement, apart from the obvious, run-of-the mill stuff that everyone knows about.

Go on, admit it… would you have ever thought that being “old and in heat” could actually be a retirement benefit…??

Me neither.

From this Cool Dude yet who is “In Heat” and enjoying it, Bye

By Bill Storie

One response to “I’m in heat !! by Bill Storie

  1. You’re right about the heat. It’s been really hot in South Carolina this summer and I’ve really “battened down the hatches.”

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