I’d Rather be a Turkey by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Well that’s not completely true. I’d rather EAT Turkey.

I went to my local grocery store this morning and discovered that a Pound of Oven-Roasted Turkey is the same price as HALF a Pound of Black Forest Ham (which I prefer, but …) Twice the price…!!!

Office lunches will now consist of Turkey. So there.

But it got me to thinking about food, not about diet as such, just what I like and what I don’t like. Leave the calories and chemicals and the vegetarian issues to the side for a minute.

I realized that at the actual moment of eating, if I closed my eyes, while I would probably taste the difference between turkey and ham, in fact I wouldn’t mind which one it is. Food is food in other words. Wouldn’t I just munch away in any event, on the basis that it is lunchtime, I’m hungry and there’s food in front of me, so get on with it. What difference would it make if it was ham, turkey or poached eggs. Yes, the taste and the texture etc would be different, fair enough. But if all I was interested in doing was stocking up, then would I really care.?

So, what’s this got to do with the Olderhood theme you ask?


As we get into our retired years, when regular income isn’t flowing in anymore, then aren’t we watching how much we spend, and if the choice between “”taste” and “price” is a conscious decision to be made, then doesn’t price win?

After all, if the taste is acceptable, and we’re not fussed about eating new things, or even a “change now and again”, wouldn’t we eat turkey every day rather than ham and save a few bucks.?

Which then got me to thinking (see what I did there? ……. Led you along a path. Clever huh?)

As we get older do our taste buds change? ; does our yearning for certain foods increase, decrease, not change? ; do we really care?

If our kids (those who can remember to take the old folks out for a meal now and again – oh, and pay for it !!) do decide to take us out. “We found this fabulous new restaurant, we must go there”, do we go enthusiastically? Or do we just say, “OK, it’s dinner time and this will save us cooking at home, so sure.”

I think we become apathetic, perhaps even jaded, about trying different foods. Oh sure, from time to time we fancy a tasty nibble, but by and large, do we get overly-keen about trying new stuff? Nah.

If I had to choose between a fancy restaurant serving say French cuisine a la wagon versus a diner serving sausage and eggs (avec ketchup of course !!), then the choice is easy. Vive Les Sausages.

Maybe we’ve just tried all the new stuff over a long number of years. Maybe we’re tired of fancy eating places (maybe we’re just getting old and grumpy of course). We just can’t get excited about Delicious (oops, the D word !!!) foods.

Ask yourself that if you have been to most of the restaurants in your area and were asked to pick one to go to more than all the others on a regular basis, which one would it be?

Finally, just in case you ever invite me to your new restaurant, or even your home, and you intend to cook fancy, then I have three “C” words to guide you :-

Crunchy ; Curry ; Cold.

So serve crispy noodles with curry sauce, followed by raspberry sherbet (I’ll eat anything raspberry by the way, cardboard included).

Pleasant eating. And remember Vive Les Sausages

By Bill Storie


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