Babysitting 101 by Bill Storie

sleeping dog

By Bill Storie

Last week, my wife and I were babysitting a Yorkie.

“Bill, that’s called dog-sitting, duh !”

“No, we were babysitting – the lady who owns the dog treats her dog like a baby. So there.”

He’s actually a fun wee thing. Full of energy and a bit of a tease. He does like his food…. well to be honest he liked MY food better. “Go away” I’d say and he would….. 8 inches away, then pout … along with a little wine …. oops… I meant “whine.” Who knew dogs liked water melon.!!

I’d take him each morning to our local park for a walk. Bear in mind his legs are about 3 inches long, and you know what they say, “Size matters” Hmmm. Anyhoo, the grass in the park gets cut every day or so to allow the lads to play cricket, but the surrounding grass maybe once a week, and during the summer, it gets long …. plus at that time in the morning (7 am) it’s always very wet. So there we were running through the long grass, both getting soaked and him bouncing up and down to get through it. Like  a wee lamb. His nose would barely be above the grass level, but off he’d go at 20 miles per hour with me struggling to keep up. He loved it. Took him 2 hours to dry off.

All in all, it was a fun week, and it did make me think about companionship whether now and again, or on a 7/24 basis.

Leaving spouse and/or family aside for a minute, (you can always go hide in the man cave after all), the attention you get from having a dog in the house is a full-time job. Everywhere I went, he’d be right there beside me. I crack up when people say, “Oh, he must like you.” Yeah right. Some people think it’s cute to have a wee set of eyes staring at you in awe and appreciation, when you’re on the loo (toilet to those who don’t speak English ;-))

I talked to him all the time. It was great cos he wouldn’t talk back to me. He agreed with everything I said – what a change !!! I valued his opinion of course and would generally do what he asked. “ I know it’s 3 am but I need to go out … and well … y’know”.

But back to companionship.

I wonder how many people around the world are desperate to have companionship on a regular basis. I wonder if their lives would be better if they could talk to “someone” constantly. I wonder if they really would enjoy having a dog running around their feet every day, all day (and night). They say, “A dog is man’s best friend”, and I think I might agree with that in many respects.

However, I accept that having a dog can be an issue when you’re going out, or away on vacation, or if you’re ill. Then there’s feeding and watering and walking and “relieving” and vet visits perhaps, and so forth … not to mention cost. Also, maybe the grandkids don’t like dogs (maybe the dog doesn’t like grandkids !!). Putting him in kennels for a few days is not always liked by many people (the dog I mean !!!!). So the decision to have, or not to have, is not an easy one, not at all. Clearly you have to weigh up the pros and cons in YOUR lifestyle.

So, maybe you’d just prefer to talk to yourself. Or join a Facebook Group. It’s a serious consideration for many people, more so of course if you live alone.

Having said all of that though, I can’t wait until the wee fella visits us again.

So I’ll sign off now and say “Bye”…. or “Woof” if you prefer.

By Bill Storie


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