Change “Retired” to “Retried” by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

A simple shuffle of letters could lead to great joy by many.

As you know we have a very active Facebook presence with tens of thousands of followers, many of whom offer ideas, comments, suggestions and so forth. Their posts range from appreciation of articles, quotes, reports, updates, video etc. However they are also very forthcoming about things that annoy them in these retirement years.

Keep in mind that we have a huge following in the Far East, but also India is a very vocal area where there are millions of “retired executives”, who reckon that the labor market reckons that their experience dissipated the day they retired … hmm. These folks have a lot to say ;-)))

So this “washed up” phenomena is worldwide. Rubbish, utter rubbish.

It annoys many of us when we get the pat on the head and the “you deserve to rest” nonsense. My usual response is that “One day you too will be stupid. Oh sorry, I meant to say ‘retired’.

In today’s retirement world (you should try it, we’re having a ball), there are millions of us who are finding our second wind. The NEW life syndrome. Oh sure, some of us are flying to Bali to fill up our Buckets thingy. Daft.

The largest consumer/commercial market in the world is the “forgotten old fools”, aka, the Depends Generation.

Time and time again we see marketing written by kids who have absolutely zero idea what the feelings and emotions of those in our latter years is like. Yes, one day they will get it, but not for a while – and not before they confuse, bamboozle and infuriate millions of customers who would otherwise like to buy their product. They insist on using asinine words such as “awesome” and “state of the art”. What are they talking about? Get real.

Mind you it’s our own fault – we educated them… !!!!

A few years ago the University of Cincinnati in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble commissioned a study on “aging consumers”

“The world has never before seen such a powerful market,” with about $3 trillion to spend in the U.S. alone, the school said then. The segment’s needs were “underserved,” requiring a shake-up of models to find the “sweet spot” between those needs and what was feasible to produce.”

It was serialized by Bloomberg and we at Olderhood asked if we could review it and publish our thoughts – they loved the idea and gave full permission. Thanks Mike. For those of you who are still awake here’s our Part 1

But you know, this old and confused rubbish extends way beyond marketing and sales to oldsters.

Using the brains, experience and yes (believe it, or not) the energy levels of the old brigade would be a smart move by the corporate world. Companies like Walmart worked this out years ago. No, I don’t mean brown-bag fillers that we see at grocery stores – Walmart uses these folks as actual experts in home improvement, decorating, auto matters, paint and so many other aspects of life that we all toil with sometimes.

And guess what?

They are cheap, they dress correctly, they are courteous, they show up, they even show up on time, they KNOW what Walmart’s old customers want (40% of their market) and how they understand stuff. More to the point when an old befuddled customer seeks information, guess which Walmarter they ask.? Answers on a postcard.

Maybe in a later epistle I’ll comment on the corporate world’s unbelievable understanding of financial issues – pensions, investments and so forth. Then again, some whizz kid will probably beat me to it and share his “state of the art, awesome, paradigm shift in strategic pension planning.” Say what?

We can’t wait.

No, I mean We can’t wait …… our days are numbered remember… !!!!

So, to those of you in the corporate world who have discounted us Retired people, as customers, as experts, as employees, as nice folk, maybe you should try reshuffling the letters.

I’m off to my bed – I’m exhausted now. LMAO.


By Bill Storie




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