On the road again by Bill Storie

sky diving

by Bill Storie

I’ve been travelling this week. Boston to be accurate. Nice town, very busy.

I’m in a nice hotel and the breakfast is great, but I do miss the comforts of home. I must be getting old, I really must. I like my own bed, my own sofa where I do my Facebook stuff (yes I do have an office, but at home I need comfort to handle Facebook and its nuances), and I know where the fridge is, and the TV and the electric plugs.

However, I always forget something nowadays when I travel. I think it has to do with carry-on luggage. If you put the case in the airplane hold you can pretty much pack everything in there, but they charge extra for that now (what happened to simple service?). However when you carry a bag onboard, you have to show what’s in your suitcase, take off your shoes, your belt, lay out the laptop, the Blackberry and have a wee see-through bag with your personal stuff – shave cream, deodorant, shampoo etc. Does everyone really need to see my face cream (men aren’t supposed to use face cream, but I do, so there !!)

I get the security stuff, I do. But it is an inconvenience. Yes I would rather be safe and so forth, so any of you snoopers reading this don’t get excited – I never do naughty things (well, not as far as the bathroom bag is concerned ;-))

Back to hotel living.

I always walk into the room and think, “Hmm, this is nice, quite large. I open every drawer and cupboard, check out the bathroom and the TV and the fridge or microwave in this case today. Funny though, I don’t do any of that when I’m home so why do it now? Dunno.

The next day I’m still en suite, and everything is still ok. I hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and that keeps people out (unless Sophia Loren knocks on the door).

But day 3 comes along and everything changes. The room shrunk overnight, the bed got lumpy, the AC is freezing and the TV is rubbish. Even the bathroom looks old.

What happened?

Anyhoo, I have to get up early tomorrow morning to get the flight home. Then go through the check-in process again. I must remember not to wear a belt – I have my Blackberry attached to it and when I take off the belt, the weight of the Blackberry pulls everything to the floor (including me sometimes).Looking a fool I pick it up then forget that the shoes have to come off as well which I could have done while I was down there, but forgot, so have to bend over again to take off the shoes … hoping there’s no holes in the socks !!

Airline seats are not what they used to be (or have I got bigger?). My legs are long and the guy in front always insists on swinging his seat back towards me. Then I drop the wee table in front of me and it bangs my knees. A coffee would be nice but the hassle of getting it, balancing it on the table and drinking it lukewarm doesn’t really appeal to me. Turbulence of course always hits just as the coffee is on the table.

Methinks I’m becoming a grumpy old geezer !!!

Bye for now


p.s. Sophia never did knock on the door. L


2 responses to “On the road again by Bill Storie

  1. Bill — I’ve always been known as, “Have suitcase, will travel.” I have to admit, and to you alone, I’m getting bored with it. It seems like too much trouble. I think we share something in common.

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