Screw this !! by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

OK, settle down, I haven’t turned nasty and provocative. Sometimes I’d like to, in fact sometimes I should, but I haven’t … not yet anyway.

I bought a jar of salad dressing yesterday and could I get the damned thing open? Nope. Well eventually I did by getting a carpet knife and cutting around the seal at the top then I could screw it (so to speak).

Now I’m a fairly strong lad, maybe not so young these days, but I can still throw my weight around. So this kind of stuff should be no problem to me, but it wasn’t. It was really hard.

Then I thought of some small, frail lady (not being sexist girls, calm down !!) who would try to open jars like that. No chance. She would just have to have her salad sans dressing I guess.

Don’t manufacturers, especially of food items ever test their products? No, would be my guess. Yes, of course we want our food to be protected from intentional contamination, but for heaven’s sake, find a better way to do it.

I also bought a tin of beans – it had no ring pull, so I had to use the tin opener in our house. Well that was some challenge I’ll tell you. This tin was constructed for use in the trenches in WW 1 – bomb-proof in other words. Tough to get the opening started then dangerous as it began to open and twist upwards. Trying to avoid dropping a cut finger into the beans made the desire for beans for lunch less appealing.

What is it with these people?

I’m sure even the Young Ones (thanks Cliff – again) would have difficulty, but for us Oldsters they really don’t want us to eat their produce perhaps.

Have you ever tried to get into one of those sealed packets with for example a cable, or a set of batteries inside.? Not only do you need half your toolbox to find the correct instrument but if you buy and open then find that it is not the right size for example, you can’t return it. This happened this week with me trying to buy a new cable for my laptop. The sales guy said he “thought” this would work. Yeah right. $52 by the way… !!! You are wondering if I bought it aren’t you?

Last week I talked about the difference between “being old” and “getting older”. Well, we certainly generated a lot of comments on that one. It seems to have struck a chord with many of you.

Apparently, us Baby Boomers don’t want to be old. In fact we refuse to be old. We’re ok with advancing years, but as we still think we are in our 40s, getting older is no problem for us. Many of you commented that while they acknowledge that they are aging, they refuse to “think old” and that their mental state of mind is by far the main issue in their lifestyle these days – obviously health-related matters come into consideration, but certainly with non-life-threatening health concerns, the attitude still seems to be that they want to enjoy their latter years, and refuse to give in to the “being old” syndrome. Good for you.

Look, the truth is that we ARE getting older and as such, we do experience slow-downs in mental and physical agility. So what? Don’t deny it, get on with it, but just don’t dwell on it. If you keep talking yourself into being old, you will be old.

Think young, stay young, be young.

By Bill Storie

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