In search of peace

As some of you know, I have a personal Instagram page where I post inspirational images (which are mostly of Bermuda at the moment). This also means that there are a couple of Instagram pages that I follow in an effort to keep on top of the issues that are dear to my heart beyond Olderhood – namely the plight of wildlife in this modern age, and the real struggles that ordinary people are facing.

I highly recommend the National Geographic Society page for stunning photographic images of rare species of fish and animals, the most remote destinations on the planet, and real images of human suffering.

The image above of a young Serbian family speaks volumes of what the world has in store for the generations that will follow us. The photographer Ciril Jazbec @ciriljazbec has shown us in a single frame the bravery, the hope and the determination that it takes to walk away from all that you know to start a life in a land you have never seen with only the things you can carry.

It reminds me just how lucky I am to live in a peaceful place and how blessed I am to have a roof over my head tonight. We had a hurricane here on the island yesterday and I slept for a single night without air conditioning in the tropical humidity. Today all is back to normal and a hot bath waits for me when I finish writing this.

This is all a just a way of saying that one of the greatest lessons of life is that if you are lucky enough to live in peace, you already have everything that you need to be happy at any age. Make the most of your time here, and be kind to those in need – they once were at peace and now they are just trying to find their way.



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