How to stay young by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Thought that would get your attention.

If I truthfully knew the answer I’d bottle it and sell it and make millions – I wouldn’t actually get any younger by doing that of course, but I would enjoy the older years with all that money. That’s the theory anyway.

There’s simply no way you can get younger, but there are many things you can do in your life to “stay young” or at least stay young in the mind – the body has a mind of its own so it’s a wee bit more difficult to control, although exercise and eating right and sleeping well and taking vitamins and so forth will all help. They may not slow down the aging process (although many wonder drug sellers would have you believe that !), but if you do all of the good things in life, your latter years can be enjoyed as fully as possible.

Running up and down stairs at home or walking through the shopping mall, or playing golf for example, are all things you can do to keep the muscles and the bones in reasonable shape. You should be doing something like that, you really should.

I think the more appropriate, and perhaps easier trick to staying young however, is to think young and to act young and to avoid negative stuff in your life. If you think old, you’ll get old – certainly you’ll get old faster. You need to slow down that aging process somehow and the best way to do it is to treat every day not just as a new day, but as gift which has been given to you, just you. Forget the clock, it never stops, and you are not going to slow it down, or stop it. Throw away the watch.

One of the most useful tricks to thinking young is to think silly. Yes, silly. Never miss the opportunity to see the funny side of things. There is every chance that whatever you come up against in your everyday life will have popped up in your life before now – maybe several times. How did you handle it back then? Did you negotiate the problem well? Even if you didn’t get through it too well, the experience would have taught you a lesson and you pretty much know how it ends up. You will have the enormous benefit of having a very good picture of how that particular movie ends – something you didn’t have first time around.

Ergo, use that “vision” now, and because you know how things will work out, enjoy the process this time, and make every effort to make light of it. Have a chuckle. Many people around about you, or involved with the problem today, will simply not have your knowledge of the outcome, so make best use of it and enjoy it.

Humor is one of the main keys to staying young. You don’t need to listen to bad jokes to get a laugh. You don’t need to look at funny movies, or cartoons, or silly pictures. You will have truckloads of funny things happening in your life regularly.

A granddaughter that is determined to cut her hair for no reason whatsoever. A grandson wanting to climb a tree because he wants to see from up there. Simple things in life. But don’t see them as routine, everyday things – see them as opportunities to smile and appreciate the chance to have fun.

There are many more things in life which help you to stay young. I’ll think of some others and share them next week. And if I can’t think of any, I’ll make them up and then we can all have a laugh – laughing at yourself, by the way, is a fabulous way to stay young – it really is a depression-buster. Try it.

More next week (I hope !!!)

by Bill Storie


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