On writing …


Staring at a blank page is a moment that sorts out what sort of person you are faster, and more accurately, than any other activity I can think of.

Careless people launch in without a thought knowing that if they just keep typing anything sooner or later they will be at the end of the page and able to declare themselves done. They don’t worry about missed words, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors – that is what spell check is for isn’t it?

The insecure worriers and self-haters type and delete the first half of a sentence nine times. (The procrastinators then quit and wander off in search of coffee, or in search of more research … reasoning that if they research enough eventually the writing fairy will intervene and the article will somehow write itself.)

The perfectionists don’t even start a sentence; instead masking their fear of exposing themselves to criticism by committing pen to paper, with feigned indifference to the value of sharing ideas. The egoists take things one step further by declaring that they are much too busy doing important things to find the time to write unless they are getting paid by the word (and then they write volumes).

And then there are the gardeners. These simple people get out of bed every day and do their best to help those around them and learn from their experiences. They are never afraid to share what they know and never worry about having enough of the things they need because they have learned that if knowledge is a fruit; wisdom is the tree it falls from.

Through trial and error they have discovered that there is enough in this world for everyone as long as we care enough to feed each other and remember to keep planting seeds.




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