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This week I have been thinking about how hard it is to be satisfied with what you have. You might be thinking that this is really a post about gratitude, and in a way it is, but it is also about something deeper.

I have come to realize that it is one thing to be grateful for what you have (your health, your home, your family, etc.) but it is an entirely different matter be content with life as you know it; for it is human nature to want a life more like the one that we imagine other people have.

But do they really have it any better? At first glance perhaps – they certainly seem to be able to buy fancier cars and shoes. But are they fundamentally any happier with fame, money and all of that stuff?

What would Robin Williams or Michael Jackson say? Would they rather have been famous or been part of a normal loving family for another ten years?

What would Steve Jobs or Farrah Faucet say? What would they value more money or their health?

What would you say if now turned out to be the best time of your life? Would you be able to look back and know with certainty that you appreciated very moment of your existence – the good times for what they gave you and the bad times for what they taught you?

Or would you look back with regret that you never realized how “good you had it”?

I know what I want to be able to say:

I want to be able to say that I was able to accept that I was where I needed to be, doing what I needed to be doing, in order to prepare for the next step in my life; and that I found peace in accepting the process of my personal evolution.

I also want to be able to say that I appreciated all the people who passed through my life – both for what they taught me about myself, and for the times that they went out of their way to show me how “not” to behave.

In short – I want to be happy being myself in my garden with my little dog, and I want to remember what it feels like to be that way.

What do you want to be able to recall looking back?


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