I have this Habit by Bill Storie

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By Bill Storie

It may not be bad habit certainly, I suppose, but it is undoubtedly a habit. It is one of those habits we all have one way or another. I eat. You eat. We all eat.

A daily occurrence for most of us, an hourly occurrence for some. But every day, at some point in the day we chow down. I can’t make up my mind though whether as I’ve got older, that I eat more or less. That is a fairly simple question in some respects but it has deep undertones. Sinister you say.  Not really – just an observation of the mind over matter kind.

My co-Founder of Olderhood and colleague, Robin Trimingham, has been writing this past few weeks about healthy foods and what you should eat, especially as you age. Good stuff. Good advice in fact and hundreds of you seem to have agreed with her and found her articles of value.

So it got me to thinking (which I do from time to time in case you had doubts when you read my weekly articles!).

Do I east more or less? Do I eat better or worse? Do I care?

If I said “yes” to all of those questions, you’d be confused. Well, me too.

I certainly am more careful these days about eating food which doesn’t agree with me. I avoid stuff that keeps my tummy rumbling all night. I always know if that food I had for dinner last night wasn’t good for me (the answer will be “blowing in the wind”). As I’ve got older I certainly know that some foods should be avoided, so generally speaking I do the body swerve around the bad-for-me stuff.

But that factor is self-evident. In other words, if I am upset health-wise then the impact is quick and it is noticeable, so I know to avoid that food in the future. The problem comes in when I eat a certain food and it seems to go down ok (and stay there!), yet then I read somewhere that it is something us old folks should not eat.

Or even worse, is when I read that “xxxx” is good for your health and it does wonderful things for your cholesterol, blood pressure, liver, blood sugar and so forth. How do I know?

If I eat xxxx for the rest of my life will I live to be 100? How much do I eat each day? Will it interact with other foods and negate the effect of xxxx? And more to the point if I don’t eat xxxx will I not live to be 100?

Last week I had lunch with a good mate. He was sensible what he had, but I had my monthly hamburger and french fries. First point is that it was not a gourmet restaurant (I don’t like that stuff anyway). Secondly, as I said, I have that maybe once a month, if that. Lastly, you ask if I enjoyed it. Self-evident folks, self-evident.

But here’s the rub.

If I were to tell the food critics and experts what I had done, they would be aghast. (Not sure what that word means but it sounds like I know what I’m talking about). “Oh, you shouldn’t be eating all that fat at your age”. “Your cholesterol will be sky high”.

So, one measly hamburger and a few fries will prevent me from living to 100?

I exaggerate of course. I get it that eating hamburger and fries every day will have serious health issues over time. But my point is that if I eat sensibly and in moderation, how will actually it affect my health.? How do I know the good from the bad from the ugly?

And finally, if I eat all the stuff that is allegedly good for me, but (typically) tastes awful, then the result is that I live to be 100 – albeit miserably…. Is that how this works?

Are YOU eating better or more sensibly now that you’re older?

By Bill Storie 


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