The Gratitude Log


Those you of you who are regular readers of Olderhood will know that I have written about gratitude more than once.

I really do know how lucky I am have such an easy abundant life in comparison to many millions of people around the world. I am generally kind and I make a point to say thank you for the things that others do for me. But in some respects I am just like everyone else in that I can forget to look for the good in life when I am confronted with a stressful environment over an extended period of time.

Without going in to details, I seem to be in the midst of one of those bumpy stretches of the journey at the moment. The hard part about one of these situations is that it doesn’t seem to matter what you do to settle things down, the moment you make your peace with one situation – something else invariably blows up. It doesn’t take much to start feeling that things will never be peaceful again.

Or so I thought.

And then I remembered that old adage that you reap what you sow, and I started thinking … things can’t really be as bad as all that. Surely I can find a positive way to release some of the angst. Then I just got annoyed with myself for being too esoteric and I realized I needed a concrete was to feel better; something that would settle me down quickly and be a lasting record that I could refer back to on a moment notice if I started getting worked up again.

So I opened up a fresh email message on my phone and I thought – ok … write down three good things that happened today and email it to yourself.

My idea was that if I started getting upset at home then I could look at the email and remind myself that I was choosing to focus on the negative things that had happened when I might just as well be thinking about the three good things that had taken place.

Much to my surprise, however, just coming up with and writing down the three “good” events seems to be all it takes to change my mood. I send the emails faithfully but I really have not needed to refer to them.

So I am conducting an experiment. I am opening a Gratitude Log on my Facebook page and I am inviting everyone to stop by and enter something good that happened to them. Stop by once in a while or every day – if you need a happy thought take one of mine and realize that we are all doing better than we allow ourselves to think.


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