“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

Remember Mae West – the romantic (to say the least) of Hollywood way back?

That was one of her great quotes and I have recalled it many times through my life. It always reminds me of no half measures. If you’re going to do something, do it right, do it with passion and give it your all.

For example, back in the bad old days when I was known to enjoy a tipple or two (well, maybe 5 … OK, 10 !!) I drank with gusto. I used to chuckle at mates who would say something ridiculous like, “Let’s nip in the pub for a quick one”. How absurd was that? If I’m going to go to the bother of getting dressed, driving to the pub (OK, no drinky-drivey I agree), saying hello to people, finally ordering after waiting in line, and so forth, then only having a “quickie”… yeah right. Me no think so.

It was also the way I played football (soccer of you must). I tackled like there was no tomorrow. Not a dirty player as such, but playing the game always generated huge amounts of energy and passion that I could only release by running about like a crazed idiot on the field. I wasn’t a good football player but boy did I put everything into it. In fact, now that I only watch the game I have the same surge of passion when I watch certain teams (mine in particular !!). Basically, I play the game for them.

So, I got to thinking whether we (all of us) do indeed live our lives in the most enthusiastic way we can.

I think that sometimes we wake up each day and begrudgingly get out of bed, stumble towards the coffee pot (never have understood why some folks MUST have their coffee to do anything… eh, like think for example), slowly get dressed, get out of the house and have a boring, mediocre, slow day. We just “get through the day” in other words. Why? … so we can repeat the same routine all over again tomorrow.?

I like passionate people.

I like being with people who are positive, who clearly think about the issue, who show enthusiasm and get the job done. These days there are so many procrastinators (is that how you spell that?) – people who talk a great line yet deliver zilch. People who boast about how good they are, yet have done nothing in their lives apart from telling people what they’ve allegedly done (in other words, they actually believe their own hype).

I think my philosophy has pretty much always been that if I am going to do something then I’ll give it my best shot.

Making mistakes never bothered me too much. I didn’t like making them certainly, but part of the growing experience is falling down and getting back up again and trying it again to get it right this time. Some people are embarrassed when others see them making a mistake – luckily I’m too self-focused to be bothered about what they think (hmm, get it out there Bill, why don’t ya !!!).

I work on the principle that if we really knew what others thought about us we’d realize that they actually don’t think that much about us. They have their own lives to lead.

If, as we age, we realize that arithmetic is now working in our favor, then is it wrong to treat each day as a new day to do exciting things.?

I am reminded of the “If not now, then when?” question. Why should we lie in bed and moan about life (health issues aside), or concede that today is just “another day in the hum-drum cycle of life”?

Nonsense I say.

Make the effort. Get on with it. Get up and get going. If you’re tired by nightfall, then you’ve had a great day.

“Take it easy” they say… why?

He may have failed, but boy did he try.

So, there you are, something to think about as you lie in bed smelling the coffee.

Now, I’m off to the pub for a quickie…. I may even have a drink ;-))))

(Just kidding folks).

By Bill Storie


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