Happy Christmas!

sunny christmas

On behalf of Bill Storie the Founder of Olderhood.com and Sunny (Director of Pet Relations) I would like to wish everyone around the world a Happy Christmas.

We now have more than 57,000 followers with viewers on every continent, from every conceivable ethnic background and walk of life; and wherever you are when you read this, I hope that as this year draws to a close you are safe and gathered with people who love you doing things you like.

The older I get the more I realize that Christmas (or any holiday for that matter) is not about the day, or how you celebrate it. It is about finding a warm place in your heart where you come to terms with your current state of affairs, whatever they may be, and realize just how much you really do have going for you, and appreciate the people around you for the joy that they bring to your life. Yes, there are big challenges in some parts of the world right now, but together we can weather any storm and change the world for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you all for everything that you have brought to my life – I am on the journey of a lifetime and it’s all thanks to everyone who liked our posts and encouraged Olderhood to grow.

May the peace and the joy of the season be yours today and always.


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