My New Year’s Prediction


I remember as a child being fascinated by people who claimed that they could see into the future and predict events that were going to take place. At the time I thought this form of magic was right up there with Santa Claus (I was always more interested in “how” he knew what gifts to bring than his actual method of transport, as I never really believed that a full size man would climb down a chimney when we had a perfectly good front door).

Now that I am older, I have realized that these would-be soothsayers were more likely experts in calculating probability, and that if they made enough predictions it was quite likely that some of them would materialize more or less on cue.

If you think me a skeptic you are quite mistaken – I believe that anything is possible and I quite like the idea that there might just be a few people out there who have visions; I just think that most of them are wise enough to realize that the world isn’t ready for this level of intelligence and keep their thoughts to themselves.

I also think that even when someone is brave enough to make a controversial prediction, it is human nature to ignore or disbelieve the warning even if it is supported by reams of scientific data. The perfect case in point is the fact that global warming is causing the world’s oceans to rise and if this continues at the current rate, coastal areas all over the planet will experience significant (perhaps permanent) flooding by 2030. From San Francisco to Florida to Newfoundland to Venice to India large areas of land that are currently inhabited by millions of people will disappear beneath the sea.

Scientists disagree both on how quickly the oceans will rise and whether or not anything can be done to offset or reverse this situation. The most extreme predictions indicate that most of the state of Florida including all of Miami Beach, Venice and London will all be gone. What they do agree on is that the sea is rising all over the world and yet most people are not talking about this or thinking about how this will affect them or their retirement plans.

My prediction: this is going to change. It does not matter whether you live in one of the threatened areas or rely on food originating from one of the threatened ports, your life will be impacted to some degree. It is a topic everyone will need to understand and scientists are going to have work together to come up with ways to lessen the impact of this threat, and some areas will be affected sooner than others. In Florida miles and miles from the coast there are golf courses and baseball diamonds impacted by floods that originate in the water table below ground and travel upward through the porous ground.

So there you have it. Let’s see if my warning is any more effective than Noah’s (g)


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