Healing Souls


Some days I am very proud to say that I am Bermudian. We have our fair share of problems just like any other community, but I particularly love the way people here are still willing to pull together to come up with unique ways to solve unusual problems.

A case in point this past week emerged when a female Loggerhead turtle in respiratory distress was discovered by free divers. A sighting of this particular species is quite rare in our waters as they do not typically live here, and so a team of seven experts including specialists from the local aquarium and surgeons from our hospital were assembled to see what could be done for the stricken animal.

Given that the turtle has a hard shell and weighs over 60 kilos, it was decided that the most sensible thing to do would be to transport her to the hospital for a series of scan at diagnostic imaging department. The images revealed a large fish hook lodged in her trachea which had caused her left lung to hyperinflate and the right lung to partially collapse and was undoubtedly causing significant pain. It is unclear how the fish hook came to rest in this location but it may well be that she swallowed bait intended for a fish and someone simply cut the line and let her swim away.

When initial attempts to remove the hook manually were unsuccessful, the surgeons flipped “Daisy” on her back and performed an emergency tracheotomy right at the hospital – a three and a half hour procedure.

Once the surgery was complete Daisy was then transported to the local aquarium where she has been receiving antibiotics and round the clock monitoring to give her the best chance of recovery. It is unclear at this point whether Daisy will ultimately be able to be returned to the wild but she is certainly having a Bermuda vacation she will never forget.

Thanks should be extended to everyone who has come to Daisy’s assistance – to rescue a distressed animal is to save a little part of your own soul.



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