Blogging in 2016 by Bill Storie


By Bill Storie

As we enter a new year it’s always a time for reflection and change, and hopefully improvement. Also a time for new ideas and new things to try.

I suppose getting older does have its drawbacks though. I would still like to play professional soccer. I’ve always wanted to do that, but I fear that as each year rolls along, I get further and further away from that dream. Nowadays all I can do is send e-mails to the Chairman of my favorite football team and offer advice about how the team should play. He reckons I’ve more chance of actually playing football than him paying attention to what I tell him. Oh well, another dream shattered.

So, I was thinking that this year in this weekly column perhaps I should vary my style or my tone or my topics. Maybe I should be controversial. Maybe I should offer my thoughts on current events around the world. Maybe I should start a new cause to save someone. Maybe I should focus more on emotional issues, such as retirement happiness or sadness ; loneliness or tiredness ; health issues or financial matters. Maybe I should be more funny, or less funny, or forget funny altogether.

I’m not sure. So help me out here.

What would you like to hear from me?

Nothing” I hear millions shout. Oh come on, surely there’s something that’s missing in your life that I could fill. “Money” you say. No, not that.

In any event I am going to try and re-style my blogs this year. I promise you’ll be one of the first to know what they look like. You may even be able to figure it out before me.

I asked last week if your Resolutions would be long-lasting, remember?

Be honest, how many have gone bye-byes already? I even read in one of the UK daily papers last week, they were questioning whether people still make Resolutions, because they have found that Resolutions are rarely kept for long, if at all. It seems people do still believe in making them but not in keeping them. So what’s the point?

We should be upbeat and positive this year. That would make a change for the good I think. Thinking negative thoughts was last year. Start afresh and think that if you put some effort into it, maybe see things with a clearer eye, maybe realize that the world isn’t out to harm you, or that people are more interested in what’s going on in their own lives and not fussed about yours, then chances are you’ll have a good year.

People are wrapped up in their own lifestyles and rarely catch their breath to take proper time to think about their own problems. So the chances that they will listen to yours, far less offer guidance, or assistance, or even comment, is probably a far-flung hope. I know many people go to some form of counselling, and obviously if that is for some serious matter, then fine, but do many people seek counselling on how to change their lives around, especially in these sunset years some of us find ourselves in?

“Hi there, I want to be happy in my retirement, can you help me please?”

In any event, I hope you do have a good year, a happy year in fact. I hope that our blogs bring you some comfort or just give you something to read in your spare moments. Maybe you could start writing your own blog this year!!

So send me your thoughts and I’ll try and comply with your wishes.

In the meantime, think positive thoughts as best you can. You might begin to like the idea.

By Bill Storie



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