Olderhood International Club Branches Out


January 21, 2016

Hamilton, Bermuda: The Olderhood Group announced today that it is expanding its highly successful online group known as the Olderhood International Club (OIC) to introduce local branches of the OIC Clubs in the Philippines, America (US and Canada), Bermuda and India.

The purpose of OIC is to provide a reputable and reliable forum for people around the world to share their thoughts and feelings about their post work years – the “Third Journey” as we call it. The concerns of people in one country are very similar to the concerns of people in every other country, so the forward movement of OIC International will continue with enthusiasm and focus.

“We see the introduction of country chapters of the OIC as a natural evolution of the original OIC club, which has about 7,000 Members around the world,” said Olderhood Group Founder, Bill Storie. “We have been very careful to ensure that topics of a political, commercial, pornographic, or excessive religious nature are prohibited. We firmly believe that due to our strict, but responsible, monitoring, OIC is a place where people of all nations can comfortably visit for fellowship, information and entertainment.”

“We have appointed excellent ambassadors (Admins) for OIC in each country, so that topics of a more specific interest to Members in that country can be posted and enable members to converse in their native languages where appropriate. Strict rules of etiquette will continue to be followed, and topics of international interest will still be welcome in the original OIC Group.”

The global expansion of OIC is testament to the huge international interest in information on living an active vital retirement life. The publications of the Olderhood Group are followed by over 60,000 people on every continent and this number continues to grow daily. In 2015, according to the independent Karma Report, the Olderhood Facebook Pages generated some 21.5 million Post Views, 500,000 shares and daily engagement of over 3,700. We will have more development announcements shortly.

Bill Storie & Robin Trimingham  /Olderhood Group Founders

contact: wrsl@ibl.bm

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