would You Want to Live to Be 100?

cakeWould you want to live to be 100?

That is the question that I am pondering this week. My immediate answer is “Yes absolutely!” but despite my enthusiasm I do admit that it is a rather naïve statement given that the world is not really set up for people to thrive at that advanced age.

Equally so, in my statement I am making the herculean assumption that I am of sound mind and body with the energy level that I enjoy at present. I am also assuming that I would have friends to chat with and things to do to keep occupied and that I could still make some sort of meaningful contribution to society.

I realize that the odds are that my situation might not exactly be this rosy; but I still think that I would like to give it a go and see what it is like to live that long, and so I am sort of shocked just how many people around me really are not interested in living that long.

What’s the rush to be done with this life? Yes we live in a difficult time, but doesn’t every age have its challenges? There is so much here to explore and experience I doubt I could do it all if I had six lifetimes.

I do think that I had better plan a few things about my life very carefully if I want to live to a really advanced age – I will definitely need a small home on one level with lightning fast internet, in a temperate climate, near a reliable source of food, in a neighbourhood where I can walk safely with a wee dog for company. I would not need much excitement but a comfortable chair in the corner of a shaded little garden might be nice. I am not sure whether I will need access to some form of transportation, or whether it would be more practical to have someone come help me around the house a bit (I’ll let you know when I figure that one out).

This may all seem rather far-fetched, but it would appear that life expectancy is increasing to the point that a planned community just for centenarians may someday exist.

Believe it or not census data suggests that as many as 1 million Americans may reach that age in 2050 – so why wouldn’t it make sense for them to live together in clusters where they would be around other people who understood what their life was like, having outlived so many of their original family and friends?

Who knows maybe I will build a place like this someday. If you lived a really long time, what would your dream house be like?



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