How’s Your Schedule? By Robin Trimingham

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How’s Your Schedule? By Robin Trimingham

I have a confession to make – I love yoga but I don’t always do it.

There, I’ve said it. It’s out in the open and there is no hiding.

The worst part is, I have such great intentions and very little idea why it is so hard some days to get around to doing it. In January I made it through seventeen classes but in February?

Um … well, three I think.

I have such great excuses too: it was too cold, it was too dark, my father was visiting, I didn’t sleep, and (my personal favorite) I forgot.

Is “I forgot” actually an excuse or an accident anyway? Neither I suspect.

I think “I forgot” is code for “I meant to get around to doing this but in my subconscious, my personal secretary downgraded the worthiness of the activity to the point that management no longer felt the need to follow through with the task on the allotted date at the allotted time”. In other words, sleep, a hot bath, breakfast, computer games, chatting with my friends and sitting in the garden with my dog all got scheduled over top of the yoga that my body and soul desperately need.

The strange thing is, I am not like this at work. I am organized, dependable and everything that has a deadline attached to it is completed ahead of schedule. Not so in my personal life I fear.

For a while I tried keeping a running list of all the things that need doing but it did not work out very well. For some reason all the fun, interesting things made the list, but the mundane laundry, housekeeping and weeding the vegetable patch somehow never got written down, (can’t imagine why on earth not) and even some of things that did get written down sat there for weeks while “funner” things were added on and scratched off with wild abandon.

All of this made me wonder; is it easier or harder to do the things you should in retirement when you have all the time in the world? Do you jump up after a meal to do the dishes or let them sit in the sink for a while? Do you faithfully organize your sock drawer or shovel them straight from the dryer to the drawer in one confused mess? Do you keep your family room tidy or just pick things up when the grandkids are coming to visit? Do you exercise and eat healthy food when you have all the time in the world or do wash red velvet cupcakes down with a glass of cola and watch television all afternoon?

What would you improve about your personal schedule if you could? Or better yet, do you have ideas and strategies to help the rest of us? Write in and let us know.


By Robin Trimingham

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