Why we need hug appointments by Robin Trimingham


Why We Need Hug Appointments by Robin Trimingham

Everyone once in a while I read something so perfect I have to share it just the way I found it. That is the case today regarding an article that I just read in The Week entitled “Neuroscience Reveals Four Rituals That Will Make You Happy”.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, it turns out that science is much better at predicting what will ease stress and make you happy than just about any self-help guru, and they’ve got the data to prove it.

Their conclusion?

Human interaction makes us happy. We ought to show gratitude to the people in our lives for the things that they do, and schedule appointments for a much needed hugs – texting is efficient but it leaves us flat emotionally. This may not seem like an earth shattering revelation, but I recommend the article just the same as a great reminder that simple intuition and a positive outlook never go out of style. Click here to read and enjoy

By Robin Trimingham

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