Life’s A Google by Bill Storie


Life’s A Google by Bill Storie

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could Google to get answers to our everyday questions or problems?

I use Google a lot and I’ve found that in its earlier versions they key word search had to be reasonably accurate in order to get reasonable accurate responses. But these days it seems we can pretty much ask a question in “normal-speak” and it will kick back some pretty good responses.

So I thought I’d try it. Here goes.

“Should I get up this morning?” delivered 83 million responses. Honest. I kid you not. So I reckoned I would just lie in bed until I had read through them and found one that I liked. This might take a while, but hey I’m retired and got nothing better to do. One response which intrigued me (this is true, try it) was “Where can I get the morning after pill?” This made me wonder what I did last night, only to realize that it must have been an age thing, a senior moment if you prefer, cos I can’t recall doing anything that would require a morning after pill. But maybe I fell asleep early last night. Hmmm.

“If I go to the gym will I be happy?” generated 205 million responses. What?

One response was, “Exercise makes you happy endorphins”. Seemed a bit strange I thought but then reckoned that endorphins are probably related to the morning after pill, so I was beginning to warm up to this Google thing.

So I wondered if I should adjust my retirement lifestyle away from my own thoughts and feelings and more towards letting Google tell me what to do. I could Google my plan for the day and see what they have for me to do. This would certainly take away the retiree’s dilemma of having all this time on our hands and not knowing what to do with it. No more stressing about wasting time on silly things or being frustrated with our sedentary lifestyle. We just ask Google and they will give us millions of ideas. Enough to last a lifetime or two.

Then I wondered how good our retirement plans really are (did you see what I did there? – I moved my thinking from one step to the next to the next – good huh?). We all say we have plans about what we want to do, where we want to go, how much we want to spend and we worked all of that out either before we retired or soon thereafter. In any event we believe we have a good plan.

But do we review and adjust it from time to time or do we just get on with it and hope it works out and that we reach that sought-after level of retirement happiness? What happens if we run out of ideas? Does our retirement plan provide a new list of things to do or does it leave everything to our imagination. Dilemma indeed.

So I wonder if you have your retirement plan well-formed and whether it’s working out for you. Maybe you need to review it and change it. Do new things, go meet new people, spend more time on Facebook (yikes!!!), or just go back to bed. It’s a personal thing of course, and we’re all different, but it does make you stop and think. When in doubt, Google.

I’ve just asked Google if I “Should stop writing now?” I got 481 million responses, not one of which I hasten to add said “no”, so I’ll maybe just keep rambling on. One response said, “If you stop writing now, you’ll hate yourself later.” This falls into the “For goodness sakes don’t encourage him anymore” category.

Have a nice week – and if you’re not having a nice week ask Google what to do.

By Bill Storie


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