TV Land Ain’t Dull by Bill Storie

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TV Land Ain’t Dull by Bill Stoire

Robin and I have been in the TV studios again this week filming our local Series on Retirement Issues – Pre- and Post-Retirement called “The Third Journey”.

We’ve been doing this off and on for over a year now, and have recorded about 15 shows. Our main themes continue to be Health, Finance and Social Issues. While we’ve tried to stay casual and loose on subject matter, inevitably some issues can get fairly detailed. Yet, our audience seems to lap it up regardless of the complexity of pensions, annuities, investment portfolio management, dementia, obesity, care-giving, energy levels, retirement lifestyles etc. The list goes on and on.

What started as a community outreach gesture on our part has now turned into a fairly serious production. The technical support teams we have are exceptionally professional and it really does feel like we are in a network studio when we are recording. Sophisticated equipment, several cameras rolling at the same time, lighting (hot), sound checks, cues from a floor manager etc., are all second nature now. We still haven’t resorted to using the tele-prompter yet, preferring instead to work off a few keyword notes and off each other. For some reason we seem to get away with it !!

This is all a volunteer effort by us, our crew and our guests, who have been wonderful. Many of them read this so thank you. There’s no commercial messaging going on here so why am I yakking about it this week?

Well, because we Produce (and Host) each show ourselves, we really do have to do lots of homework, research and guest-finding. And what we’ve discovered is that because us Oldsters are living longer and healthier, in general terms, these days, the spectrum of “things to do and think about in retirement” is enormous and growing daily. Sure, we’re the fastest-growing segment of our communities around the world and as such our numbers are growing daily (10,000 people retire in the U.S. EVERY day), and that means more and more people are seeking new adventures, ideas, places to go, people to meet and are wanting to know more and more about wellness and longevity matters.

The notion that our parents and grandparents took the gold watch and went home to sit in the garden, are long gone. We are active physically, mentally and spiritually. Yes we understand and accept that the biological clock is ticking and it isn’t ticking backwards. But we don’t get too concerned about the “how long to go” factor. There is a growing tendency for retirees to get on with this third phase of their life and largely ignore the counting of days. Live today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

The “living” options and issues are the whole point of this week’s article (finally they say).

We work on the subject matter both horizontally and vertically. Huh?

Here’s what we do:

We write down the topic headers along a line going horizontally (health, finance, care-giving, exercise, diet, metal alertness etc) – that gives us a fairly long line. Then we vertically, under each header, write down the detailed features of each header – the result is that line, the vertical one, is also rather long. You can visualize the Matrix of horizontal and vertical dimensions building can’t you?

We use the Matrix to design and develop our Production Schedules program by program. So, given the variety of things we can do in retirement nowadays, a list which is much longer than our parents ever had, or even dreamed of, then you can hopefully realize the extent of opportunities in this your Third Journey.

It is that variety of “things” we are covering in our TV shows. The idea that we sit down and talk in front of a camera is what we initially thought would happen. How wrong we were.

Are we having fun yet?

You bet we are.

This is good stuff. Sure we can get better, and we are, and we will improve even more so, but the driver is that we are able to get critically important issues out to those people who need the information in an easy-to-follow, casual, fashion through the television medium. We love to do it.

So as I said, TV Land ain’t dull.

“We’ll be right back.”

By Bill Storie

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