Come On Get Happy by Robin Trimingham



Come On Get Happy! by Robin Trimingham

This past week The Olderhood Group was honored to be approached by a team of Princeton University graduates who are on a mission to help people become happier.

The “Happiness Amplification Project” is a contemporary way to meet your emotional needs. It’s purpose is to match lonely people who would like to have a compassionate conversation over the phone with someone about just about anything — work, friends, family, relationships, health, hopes insecurities, stressors, addictions, or challenges.

This new free service makes providers with retirement experience and expertise available by telephone to be compassionate listeners who can quickly restore perspective and significantly boost a retiree’s happiness and health. This is not psychotherapy. You will not be psychoanalyzed. It is human interaction with an unpaid peer who enjoys helping people and who is really good at it.

Olderhood is collaborating with the Project organizers to help encourage as many participants (callers) as possible to utilize the service, and you are encouraged to schedule calls on the Happiness Amplification website:

The core of the project is of great interest to our own work at Olderhood and while we are not psychologists we nonetheless have a deep understanding of the emotional factors and health impact of loneliness on mortality, chronic illness and depression. There are obviously many other similar elements of an older person’s lifestyle which have the same impact. Our research, gathered from our thousands of Olderhood members around the world clearly support and validate that “compassionate conversations create more than just happiness – they can reduce stress, lower stress improves health and longevity.”

The calls are anonymous and you can whenever you want and talk for as long as you like to help you feel better.

So come everyone – let’s get happy!

By Robin Trimingham

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