Are We Stubborn or Cautious? by Bill Storie

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Are We Stubborn or Cautious? by Bill Storie

For years, as I was getting older I would regularly hear older folks being referred to as “grumpy old fools.” Or “He’s so set in his ways you can’t tell him anything.”

I don’t suppose I paid much attention to it apart from the odd chuckle now and again. I don’t even think I classified it as being disrespectful. It just seemed a natural part of the lifecycle that as we get older we have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we are. But do we?

Maybe 30, 40, 50 or so years ago, the retirement cycle was retire, get gold watch, find a comfortable seat and dream of things that might have been. Not so these days however.

We have more life left in us than our grandparents had, we have more ideas to work on, and more dreams to follow, we have more places to go and hopefully we are healthier, and even better if we are wealthier than they were. So as we enter this Third Journey as we call it, we find a huge variety of things to be thinking about and doing.

We are also still very keen to keep learning.

Obviously having mechanisms like Internet and Facebook, Google etc., we have the ability at our finger tips to find out about “stuff” from around the world. Yet one thing I think we have found in our Olderhood Experience is that many of us Oldsters aren’t too great at “taking advice”. Maybe we can’t be bothered to listen to so-called experts who haven’t experienced anywhere near what we’ve experienced. Maybe they are “know it all” people after all. Maybe we’ve heard it all before. Yet for whatever reason we seem to ignore much of the “preaching and teaching”, we nonetheless do want to learn.

I think we’ve worked it out.

As you know we use article writing from our own team and guest writers, we do podcasts, we do television, we do e-books, and we do videos. We know what works and what doesn’t work as we track the statistics and traffic flows daily. Here’s what we’ve found:

  1. If the information is coming from a “Trusted Source or Authority”, it gets attention.
  2. If it comes from a reliable and sensible person, it gets attention.
  3. If it comes from some-one of our age who has “been there, done that”, it gets attention.
  4. If it based on what our audience is interested in, it gets attention.
  5. If it is fair and understandable and in “our” language, it gets attention.
  6. If it relates to our own experiences or situations, good or bad, it gets attention.
  7. If it easily accessible online, even though not high-tech, it gets attention.

In other words what we have found is that when us Oldsters read, or listen, or watch something that relates to us, in the comfort of our own home we pay attention. We don’t have to admit to anyone (there’s no-one else around at that time in the privacy of our bedroom for example), that we are actually getting something out of this. We can turn it on, off, or pause until later, at our discretion. Therefore we can still openly state that “those kids don’t know what they’re talking about” to the outside world, friends and family, yet we can take it all in without anyone knowing. We can still be seen as the “Grumpies”.

The desire to continually learn will never leave us. The online facilities these days are very convenient and can be pleasantly personal.

So, over the next few months Olderhood will be increasing its delivery of quality information videos. We know you enjoy them and are grateful for your support and suggestions (keep them coming). We really hope that we can share some thoughts or confirmations perhaps, with you, and help you in your golden years. We hope we can share friendship and fellowship and provide some ideas for your own lifestyles and retirement happiness.

Kindly continue your support and encouragement and we’ll continue to do our best to deliver quality material.

Have a nice week.

By Bill Storie


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