Are You Rising? by Robin Trimingham

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Are You Rising? by Robin Trimingham

“When we can rise to some level of hope in our own future, then we can multiply our happiness today. If we fail to rise to hope, even at some rudimentary level, then we risk becoming despondent. Without hope we flounder and fail to live life to the fullest.” Richard P. Johnson

At Olderhood we are frequently discussing the importance of leading a vital active thriving life in defiance of your circumstances. We encourage people to greet the day with energy and enthusiasm and make the most of this wonderful time of life.

Some people, however find this quite a struggle during the first year of their retirement. Yes they are initially euphoric and thrilled to be free of the burden of work, but much to their own surprise they discover that it is not easy being home all day.

They actually miss the daily routine of the office and the cranky clerk on the loading dock. Heck even the mention of stale sandwiches can conjure up memories of sunny days spent chatting with work buddies by the lunch truck in the parking lot.

They stumble about the house wondering what the problem is and then it hits them — any moment that they aren’t doing something, or planning to do something, or reminiscing about doing something, they are doing nothing.

If you do nothing often enough, it becomes a routine itself; and slowly and quietly begin to fade away. If however, you rise out of bed, rise out of your chair, rise out of your shell and stretch yourself to explore this world you will discover that there is so much that you can learn and experience.

It might sound trite, but the truth is that when you retire you pass through a door into an unexpected wilderness and immediately find yourself at the fork in road. On the one hand is a path leading down into a sunny meadow; on the other a narrow trail leading up the side of a mountain so steep you cannot see its summit.

It is tempting to head down into the sunny meadow, telling yourself you will only rest a moment; but if you stop doing all the things you used to do, and you don’t replace them with new things , then to quote Dr. Wayne Dyer “then you aren’t”.

If however, you begin the slow steep climb to forge a new existence for yourself you have the opportunity to rise beyond all that you accomplished within the confines of the work world because you have the freedom to choose a life that you will trying enjoy and the wisdom to make choices that will allow you to further define who you really are.

The question is, are you willing to rise to the challenge and hope for the best?


 By Robin Trimingham

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