Looked Over or Over Looked? by Bill Storie


Looked Over or Over-Looked? by Bill Storie

Remember when you were at high school there would always be someone who would “check you out”? Ok, maybe not always and maybe not at school and maybe not in the workplace or maybe never, but you get the point.

Even though you would usually appear to be annoyed on the surface, deep down you liked it. Go on admit it. There was a certain affirmation that you enjoyed. A certain assurance that you weren’t too bad looking. It really was a self-confidence booster.

And even as you grew older and began to suspect that the checking out was becoming a slightly more person, shall we say, approach with perhaps some undercurrent thoughts on the looker’s part, you nonetheless would go along with it.

It was nice to be noticed.

As our biological clocks have moved forwards, some days we think them to be in fast-forward mode, we still have this belief that we can still be checked out, or looked over if you prefer. Of course if it was still about our looks we’d be even more interested, if indeed not surprised. But alas.

It seems these days we are not looked over as much as were, or as much as maybe we would like to be. But the purpose has changed as well.

Maybe some of us still get the “eye”, but the reality is if we could just be considered and recognized, that would be enough. Whether we are trying to get a part-time job, or asked our opinion or invited to dinner where we don’t pay, it makes no difference really.

Our problem is that we may like to be looked-over, but we just don’t want to be over-looked.

There is a magical event that occurs in everyone’s life when we pass through the retirement gate, be that at age 65 or earlier or later. Whenever we say the word “retired” we are immediately dumped into the “past it” bucket. Society works on the principle that overnight you have become old, senile, stupid, and totally incapable of applying any part of your brain that they think is left. You are washed up in other words.

That’s why I really like the concept of The Third Journey.

After Childhood there was Adulthood then there was Retirement. Not now. There is a third phase of your life. A journey, not a destination or a resting place or even a place where old fogies hang out. It is a brand new lifestyle. It is a freedom trail and a place to have the best time of your life.

The vast majority of Oldsters are financially stable.

They may not have oodles of money to throw away or be carefree, but their future is reasonably secure. While we worried about our financial future when we were still working and tried hard to work out what our income and expenses would be in retirement, the fact is that unless you are underwater every month, then regardless of what your financial position actually is these days, you work with what you have – and then move on to enjoy the rest of your life. We don’t (or shouldn’t) wake up every morning worrying about just money, we worry about what we are going to do that day.

Retirement Financial Planning is critical, but is does NOT equal Retirement Planning. There is so much more to the Journey than just money. Get on with your life.

So the moral is that in the Third Journey you can experience both – in other words, while you should regularly look over your financial condition, you must never overlook it.

And with it I will say have a nice week.

By Bill Storie




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