Free Lunch Anyone? by Robin Trimingham


Free lunch anyone? by Robin Trimingham

I thought that title would get your attention!

It is a widely known fact that we spend the first half of our lives climbing “Mt. Accumulous” and the rest of our lives trying to rid ourselves of all the things that keep weighing us down, slowing us down, and disrupting our dream to live debt free.

In the western world many of us have so many credit cards, debit cards and shopping loyalty cards that we could easily get together for a trading card party … “I’ll trade you a two Starbucks cards and a Costco for a …”

But what do all these shopping clubs, loyalty cards and air miles really get us? Things that sound like a great deal in the store that clutter up the house, threaten to expire before they can be eaten and just get us deeper in debt!

Ok, some things are a great deal, but you get my point.

A far more effective strategy might be to start a competition with your friends to see who can:

  • Buy the most food for $20 – post a picture of your purchases and the grocery store receipt on Facebook. The winner gets bragging rights and a hamper made up of everyone else’s purchases.
  • Make the largest and most delicious meal for $10 – post the recipes on Facebook for everyone to try
  • See how far you can stretch your budget by purchasing one item that everyone needs but does not use a lot of and sharing it between several people … spices are a great example – they are expensive to purchase and go stale if you don’t use them … but think how much more affordable they would be if you shared the bay leaves or allspice with your neighbours? What about band aids – how many of those do you really use in a year?
  • Serve a free lunch – don’t say it can’t be done … employ a little creativity … I grew everything in the bowl at the top of this page making this salad virtually free (yes city people you can grow tomatoes on your window sill – check the dollar store for seed packets at much lower prices than the plant nursery)
  • Clip coupons for things that are “real food” that are already part of your diet and try to use at least $10 worth every time you go to the store (soda, snack food and pudding cups don’t count – if it has little to no nutritional value why are you eating it?)
  • Start making friendship cake, or bread, or brownies and share with your friends:

Got any other clever food stretching budget saving ideas? Let us know!


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