Looking for a better future by Bill Storie


Looking For A Better Future by Bill Storie

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re always thinking about yesterday”

How many times have you thought back to a time and a place, and especially a person, who upset you or endangered you in some way?

Often I would think.

So here’s another question for you. How many times have you allowed that bad event impact your thoughts, feeling and emotions since then? In fact are there times even now when that trauma replays over and over again in your mind?

Occasionally, I would think.

So here’s the last question for you. Do you think that’s wise?

There’s no doubt that events in your past have shaped who and what you are today. That happens to all of us. Many times it is positive and good for us. But sometimes it is bad. So we tend to seek the negative stuff way ahead of the good stuff – usually because if we’re not complaining about something in our life we reckon we’re not doing it right. We hesitate to seek peace of mind and happiness.

To many people, a declaration of happiness is bad karma. Nonsense.

If you can’t let go of the baggage and leave it the last train station (or several stations ago) then the baggage will stay with you on your train of life. In fact the train will be moving so fast you won’t even be able to open the windows and throw it out. You’re stuck with it.

Therefore, when the train stops at the next point in your life, the old baggage will be first off the train and will in effect establish the ground rules for this part of your life. And if this part of your life is a “new beginning” – a new job, a new marriage, a new town – you are severely hampering your chances of success by letting it dictate your new life.

Obviously there will have been events, maybe illness or loss of a partner for example, which will have impacted your life, perhaps forever more. I grant you that. And that type of trauma can have devastating effect on your lifestyle. However, the odd occasion when someone annoyed you, or spoke badly about you, or prevented you from getting a new job for example, are all nuisance factors that we all have in our baggage. You are not unique.

However if you let those stupid little people get under your skin then they win, you lose.

Are those annoying idiots really that important in your life? Haven’t you moved on? I bet they’ve moved on and can’t recall what they did to you, in fact probably can’t even recall who you are.

We all take things too personally. It’s in our DNA. We can’t really help it or avoid being upset. Fine. However do we have to carry them through our lives for years? No, no, no. Some people have a habit of saying “Get a Life”. I find that especially insulting and childish. It’s an easy way to get out of a more serious discussion and should be discarded immediately. They have NO idea what your life is like, none.

If you have dreams of a better tomorrow then you have to let go of the nightmares of yesterday. Not easy in some cases but well worth the effort.

So go to the train station, with all your baggage if you must, but head to the “Left Luggage” office and dump it. Then get on the train and enjoy the ride. It will be the ride of your life.

Have a nice week. Choo-choo.

By Bill Storie


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