There’s No Turning Back Now by Robin Trimingham


There’s No Turning Back Now by Robin Trimingham

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the many ways in which we are challenged to learn how to move forward in our lives. Often these changes seem to come about at the moments when we feel least prepared to handle them because when we are stressed the first thing we lose is our perspective and the second thing we lose is our objectivity

That’s just a fancy way of saying when we are failing to handle a situation we are most often simply failing to accept our circumstances. Instead of calmly assessing the situation and making a simple plan; we wail, we wallow, we worry, we wonder, and we waste endless amounts of time pacing about in circles turning a blind eye to the opportunities that ought to be staring us in the face.

If it sounds a bit like I’m starting to preach to you don’t worry the only person I am really preaching to at this moment is myself. Those of you who actually know me will be aware that I have had more than a few challenges to overcome along the way and learning to put the past in the past and keep it there was not an easy mountain for me to climb.

The good news however is that I have finally managed to do this and building Olderhood has proved to be the most positive experience of my life.

Bill and I can’t think all of you enough for the many many ways that you have supported and encouraged us to this point in the journey. Today the Olderhood group is a media production company with strategic partnerships in the US, India and Asia and our future is very bright.

Our core mission remains the same as it was in the beginning: to bring you the best quality retirement planning and lifestyle information to create a world that works for all, and to spread this information as far across the globe as possible.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks our collective following will reach 70,000 people – that to me is an absolutely staggering accomplishment when you consider that this project is barely 3 years old. It is living proof to me that dreams really can come true and I would encourage everyone who reads this to dig deep deep inside and dare to dream something really big. Together we can make this world a better place simply by having the courage to put one foot in front of the next no matter what.

By Robin Trimingham

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