Life in the Online World by Bill Storie


Life in the Online World by Bill Storie

A couple of hours ago, my Olderhood co-Founder, Robin Trimingham and I participated in a livestream webinar session with a group of retirement coaches around the world. It was great fun.

We chatted about a range of issues regarding Olderhood and our online presence. We explained who we are, what our mission is (to help people “of age” around the world), how the audience has grown beyond any dreams we ever had and how we convey our message through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I think the one thing that came out of it above all else – well two things actually. First the complexity of today’s technology when you use it to reach out to an audience (as opposed to just using Facebook for example as a place to visit and meet friends etc). It is a lot more difficult than appears on the surface. Secondly, how desperate people are to get reliable, quality, and unbiased information, opinion and advice in today’s online world about any number of things. The amount of utter self-serving rubbish that exists online is staggering. And the worry is that many people actually believe everything they read as being the gospel according to some online saint (and the online world is full of them!).

Some of the financial planning advice for example, is so focused on one type of economic situation or one type of retiree’s lifestyle, or even worse, focused on the products of one financial service provider, that in many cases the so-called advice is meaningless. It might be well-intentioned in the majority of cases but if it is so tailored to explain and justify a point of view without understanding the retiree’s specific issues then the advice actually can be dangerous. I appreciate that every service provider cannot design their advice to suit everyone’s taste, I get that, but relying on a universal, one size-fits-all opinion is risky.

We also realized that the range of issues that retirees, and those heading towards retirement, have to contend with is very wide, in a large number of cases, and frankly the concerns of financial condition are well down their list. In other words, particularly when you are IN retirement there may be very little you can do to change or improve your financial situation so why not adjust your lifestyle accordingly, lay it to the side (don’t ignore money of course) but re-focus on the other matters that are important to you.

Many of the retirement professionals we encounter ave oodles of stories about clients who have a multitude of problems, and while finance may appear regularly, finance is by no means the sole issue. Health, family issues, boredom, stress, depression, care-giving, personal happiness, memory loss, etc, etc are all critical to many people and therefore the retirement coach has to take a panorama approach to their advisory services.

Without seeming too self-serving we firmly believe that the Olderhood outreach does provide a reliable service to tens of thousands of people in all walks of life, ethnicity, economic situations and countries around the world. We don’t lose many followers it has to be said. We must be doing something right.

On the audio livestream (and we will post the link to it shortly so you can hear it for yourself), we were not trying to sell our services, we simply wanted to help those folks to help many others by getting their message out through social media platforms. If our experience, trials and errors (don’t go there !!) can show others how to take positive steps and avoid the anxiety and frustrations of social media that we have encountered, then we will have accomplished what we set out to do.

So in other words, don’t spend all your time worrying about money matters – they are important and they may be bringing you down, but if you can push them to the side now and again, and face up to the other parts of your life, please do so – oh and don’t forget, the best thing to focus on is your Retirement HAPPINESSS (don’t ever lose sight of that.)

Till next week, be good, be careful and be there.

By Bill Storie



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  1. Well done …looking forward to watching this … Still raining ,,,getting used to it. See you tomorrow Me

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