Can You Think Yourself Well? by Robin Trimingham


This week I have been reading a lot correlation between maintaining a positive outlook and staying in good health. I do believe that if you persist with a negative depressed attitude long enough you can actually make yourself sick; but that got me thinking… if negative thoughts alone can make you sick, why can’t you heal yourself just by thinking positive thoughts?

I expect science would say that once you have seriously damaged your body in a physical respect, it would take more than good vibes to repair it, (and I concede that this may well be the case some of the time) but why is it that even when the prognosis is bleak some people just miraculously recover while others do not?

I started researching this on the internet and came across the following article written be Dr. Lissa Rankin on which has given me a lot to think about. Click here to read the article and let us know what you think.



2 responses to “Can You Think Yourself Well? by Robin Trimingham

  1. I agree with the article totally. I have found within my own life and those of friends and family, the better outlook and satisfaction we have with our life, the better we seem to feel.

  2. I have been reading Discover Your Spiritual Strengths by Dr Richard Johnson which proposes a similar concept. By living your life true to your natural, spiritual strengths, you can heal yourself. Personally, I have been practicing emotional awareness (mindfulness, gratitude, etc) and had no spring allergies this year! Not scientific at all, but still!

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