To Dream the Impossible Dream by Bill Storie


To Dream the Impossible Dream by Bill Storie

When I was a teenager I had dreams of playing for my favorite football (soccer) team in Scotland. I wasn’t a bad player actually, but a million miles away from professional football. Yet I had a dream.

When I was a bit older I realized my football days were over – the truth is they never started but don’t let’s quibble over a few words. So I turned my dreams to being a politician. Yikes.

A close, but older, friend of my family in my home town was a nationally well-known Member of Parliament in London for a Scottish constituency. I had tremendous respect and admiration for him. He tried very hard to encourage me to get into politics, and I seriously thought about it. However, I soon worked out that if I came up against people who disagreed with me I’d go in the huff and pout. So, my political career never got off the ground. The world is a much better place for that decision I can assure you.

Then I had this notion that I wanted to work in the television business. I wanted to work for the BBC in London. I actually wanted to be a cameraman but soon worked out that you made more money at the other side of the camera. Talk show host, yeah right. But seriously I did fancy that. Another dream down the drain.

Then I moved on to the conveyor belt of reality. Got a degree or two, went to work, started the 9-5 (or later) routine, became frustrated and bored, yet realized that money actually didn’t grow on trees, so had to sharpen my accounting pencil and get on with it. That lasted a long while. Yet I was still a latent dreamer. I still am.

So, now that I have stepped off the conveyor belt, well fell off it really, I can now start dreaming again. If you disagree with that then I shall pout (see where I’m going with this?)

I won’t ever play football. I will never become a politician. I have no desire to be a cameraman. I won’t ever work for the BBC. Yet, here I am, at this advanced age, blossoming into a TV dude. Who knew this would happen. I won’t bore you with my very limited progress to date, but the point is that some dreams can in fact come true as we get older.

Maybe the dreams we had many, many years ago still linger in the back of our minds and all we need is a wee bit of a push to bring them to the surface and get started on them. I wonder if that’s true.

I am a firm believer that this stage of our lives can be an opportunity to think again, think anew, think of stuff we really do want to do – then do it. There’s no time like the present. We don’t have long-term career goals as we had thirty or so years ago, we don’t need them now. We are who we are, we are where we are, and we have the freedom to choose what we want to do. There are no constraints, broadly-speaking.

Why not become a photographer, or a blogger, or an artist, or a singer, or a trapeze artist (Ok, I get it). Seriously, this is the time to make your choice. You can’t say, “I’ll do that when I retire”. You’re already there. So wake up, shake up and make up your mind what you want to be when you grow up. As Mr. Nike says, “Just do it.”

I’ve read this ramble from the top and laughing at it – can you visualize ME being a politician? I mean seriously. Duh.

Finally, as of this incoming weekend the football season will be over in Scotland, so you will have to suffer my mood swings of depression while I twiddle my thumbs until the start of the new season.

Until next week.

By Bill Storie



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