Are you ready to retire? by Robin Trimingham


Are you ready to retire? by Robin Trimingham

We have all heard that it is never too soon to start planning for your retirement. Usually this adage is accompanied by an estimate of what a luxury retirement will cost, or a call to seek out advice from a financial expert.

As much as it is very important to build a sound financial plan, what about planning for the many other aspects of your retirement life? Why is there so little mention of the importance of figuring out what you are going to do with all of your free time, or how to sustain a satisfying life as you age?

Perhaps these things are harder to market because they are intangible concepts; yet without a life satisfaction plan your “golden years” are likely to unravel like the hem of a synthetic dress – pull one little thread and the whole thing falls apart.

Over the past three years, I have become an avid student of retirement lifestyle planning, and based on this research, the following are a list of some of the most important questions to consider the next time the subject of retirement comes up at the dinner table (and yes, you can discuss your retirement with your dog):

  • When you leave your present place of employment, are you planning to cease work entirely, look for a part-time job, or launch straight back into a second career?
  • Have you and your spouse or life partner discussed what your collective retirement will be like?
  • What are your personal retirement dreams?
  • Have you discussed these with your spouse or life partner?
  • Without asking, how much do you know about your spouse or life partner’s retirement dreams?
  • What problems do you foresee in making these dreams a reality?
  • Do you think it will be easy to recollect with your spouse or life partner once you both stop working?
  • What aspects of your life are currently working very well?
  • What is the number one retirement fear that you struggle with?
  • Does your spouse or life partner know about this fear?
  • What can you do to convert this fear into a life changing opportunity?
  • What will happen if this situation is not resolved?

Hopefully this will generate some lively discussion – please leave comments below and let us know what these questions revealed.

Robin Trimingham



4 responses to “Are you ready to retire? by Robin Trimingham

  1. Another big one, probably after the money question (will we outlive our savings?) is often – Where will we live? I was surprised that my spouse of 23 years had a different answer to that question than I did – we’ve compromised! By the way, I call our vision now the She-He-We plan.

  2. Actually it was force retirement on my part.Got sick,stress from my Work but all I can say was and Is Happy doing it.Im a personal shopper,cum wardrobe consultant and marketing/merchandizing analysts.And I love my work.Im single have many pets to feet,children are all grownUps,have families of their own.

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