Helping Others by Bill Storie


Helping Others by Bill Storie

One of the purposes of starting the Olderhood project almost 3 years ago was to hopefully help people to transition from a working lifestyle to a retirement lifestyle. That particular purpose is as strong today as it was then.

The impetus for helping people engaged in the transition from one hectic lifestyle to a so-called quiet and peaceful lifestyle was the useless advice I had personally received about my own transition, especially in the financial arena. I realized that if the daft advice I had received about pensions in particular was the industry standard then heaven help those folks without a financial background as I have. If I couldn’t understand the slanted, product-driven advice then with due respect, many others wouldn’t get it either.

As we developed Olderhood and realized that the concerns of people from all walks of life, from all types of culture and country were very similar to each other. Perhaps the scale of the issue is varied between countries, but the importance of the issue is the same.

We certainly didn’t set out to lecture people, but merely to share our experiences with others. Yet, very soon we were being inundated with comments from people around the world expressing same experiences and concerns. People wanted to share on the one hand, and learn on the other hand. They wanted to know they were not alone or isolated with their own personal situations. They wanted to be part of the “gang”.

We soon found out that most people simply wanted to know about other people whether they were in Manchester or Manchuria or Manila.

They found comfort in knowing that thousands, if not millions, of Oldsters were going through the same traumas as they were experiencing. While they had been thinking they were being handled poorly and that no-one else was getting the same treatment and hence felt it best to shut up about it – they soon found out that they were absolutely not alone and that their treatment was being replicated time and time again across the world. They had discovered a meeting place where they could listen and learn – and when they felt like it, they could speak to thousands of like-minded folks across the globe.

So had Olderhood helped?

Absolutely it has helped thousands of people.

There is a silent majority who now feel they are part of an online (and in many cases physical gatherings) group of people that can freely and confidently share their feelings and emotions. They don’t have to sit at home and worry about being ignored by society and that their opinions meant nothing to a fast-paced, energetic commercial world run by youngsters.

They had a voice – and now they had a platform.

And the learning center is open.

In the coming months we’ll bring you more exciting developments and plans both in person and online.

We are also enormously grateful for the many volunteers (too many to name individually but you know who you are, so thanks) around the world who have not only supported the Olderhood Mission but have carried it into their own communities and made it into a Movement of Hope and Help for thousands of people.


See you next week,

By Bill Storie



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