Hello June by Bill Storie


sunriseHello June by Bill Storie

Some of you may think I am welcoming the month of June. In fact I am saying hello to our eight OIC Members named June. Just kidding.

Summer is here, well in most parts of the Olderhood World. Australia and New Zealand members are heading into the cold season. Yet for most of us the days of heat and ice cream and air conditioning are upon us again. Sometimes during winter when it is cold and wet and usually windy I do look forward to the summer months. Until they get here and then I start to crave the colder months again. Call me fickle.

I can’t make up my mind if I prefer cold days or hot days. Maybe those of you who live in what’s called a temperate climate like say Arizona I guess, maybe you prefer the same temperature range year round. Although I hear Arizona can get stifling in July, so that theory goes out the window as well.

Chances are you don’t really care. You live where you live and take the weather as it comes you. Sure you complain when it is gets really cold or really hot but you suffer it. Otherwise you have to move and that’s a whole new exercise that most people can’t be bothered with doing.

What makes people move to Florida for example?

Well the weather is part of it but surely there’s more to it than that. The Florida lifestyle is laid back and apart from endless amounts of traffic, the ease of getting around and doing things makes it a nice spot. I like Florida. I’ve done research for Olderhood at the University of Miami (nice, helpful people) and the atmosphere on campus really entices me to go back to university full time. I won’t of course, but it really is attractive.

Maybe some of our Canadian members have views about moving to the Sunshine State to get away from frigid winters up north. Of course the Florida economy has a lot of appeal as well. I guess because of the large numbers of Oldsters, they have to cater to their retirement budgets and charging excessive amounts for hamburgers and fries will make sure the Oldsters never come into their restaurant. The 4pm Dinner Brigade as they call it.

Is it a special type of person who decides to move home in retirement or should we all consider it? Is it time to leave your old (working) life, and job and friends behind and go seek new pastures?

Moving home isn’t easy as we all know and more to the point, as we age the idea of packing and lifting furniture at one end of the journey, then undoing all of that at the other end, just turns most of us off. End-up result is that we stay where we are.

But is it worth giving it serious consideration?

If we don’t move now at our age today, then when will we move? If we yearn for a warmer, better lifestyle, then why wouldn’t we make the effort now and get it over and done with, because if we don’t do it now, when will we do it?

Maybe we just need motivation, or an excuse.

So if you’ve been thinking about moving to a warmer climate then perhaps it’s time to be thinking about it. Time is moving forwards, not backwards.

That’s about me done for this week. I’m not inspired with deep philosophical meanderings as I usually go on about. Maybe it’s the heat that’s getting to me.

By Bill Storie




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