Go With The Flow by Robin Trimingham


Go With The Flow by Robin Trimingham

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu

At Olderhood we frequently write about the actual transition from the “work world” to the land of retirement, and we also offer all sorts of helpful advice regarding what to do if your “get up and go” has been missing for quite sometime.

What we don’t often speak of is what to do if you are suddenly hit by a frenzied passionate desire bound up the stairs two at a time, stay up half the night watching Netflix, or mow four acres of grass in a single morning.

I am always confused when others view this sudden onset of renewed energy as a problem – I love to be busy doing anything. Although I try not to think of the past very often, I definitely know that there have been times in my life when I was trapped in a dull work situation, wishing more than anything that I had something to keep my mind and body engaged. In comparison, a new flurry of activity is as welcome as a cool breeze.

So when you are lucky enough to find your second wind in your third journey, my suggestion is that instead of fighting and struggling, you simply go with it. Yes, it might seem a bit stressful in the beginning but trust me, that’s just in your mind. The secret here is simply to pace yourself at about the same speed that you can walk and just watch how much you can accomplish in a single morning.

Granted, you might not want to keep yourself in hyper drive for very long, but before long it will dawn on you that you can stroll along quite comfortably humming to yourself almost indefinitely.

Equally so, do remember that maintaining a sense of balance in your life is critically important to your long term wellbeing. You actually do need sleep no matter who tries to tell you otherwise, but one small scoop of ice-cream really is not going to kill you as long as you are eating plenty of vegetables and lean protein.

The start of your third journey can be a very freeing time. Use that energy to paint walls, empty closets, discard mounds of paper and make space in your mind for all of the wonderful things that life has in store for you. The more that you clear your house inside and out, the happier and more comfortable you will find your life has become.



2 responses to “Go With The Flow by Robin Trimingham

  1. Thank you for articles like this one. Though most of them are easy to read while much harder to implement, the articles remind me that I am not alone and that there is no rush. If I can evolve toward that realization before my passing, it’ll prove some personal progress.

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