So You’re Retired – Now What? Part One by Robin Trimingham

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So You’re Retired – Now What? Part One by Robin Trimingham

Between the current trend toward over focusing on retirement financial planning to the exclusion of every other aspect of your life, and the pressures to remain present and focused at your place of employment until the very last second of your last day, it is not uncommon for people to land in retirement feeling like they have just awakened from a very long sleep.

This sensation is often met on the one hand with a sense of childlike euphoria, like the first day of school vacation,  but it can also leave you feeling a wee bit dazed and confused.

Most people deny this second thought initially and immediately embark of the third phase of their lives (which we call the third journey) with a list of things that they have been aching to do for ages. This can be anything from painting the house, to driving to South America, to lying flat on their back in the backyard.

As fantastic as this initial euphoria can be, these initial pursuits seldom turn out to be your life’s work. It is important not to deny yourself a little rest and a bit of fun after forty years at a desk, but it is also important to realize that to thrive in your third journey you must also find, nurture and development your passion in life; and this is going to require work on your part.

Before you can begin this process however, It will require mental work simply to clear your mind of any “work related baggage” from your old job, be that long held job related stress and negativity, or be it a longing for the companionship of former colleagues.

Once you have these housekeeping tasks out of the way, you can begin to consider what it is that you would be thrilled to get out of bed in the morning to do every day. Don’t let practical matters like job skills and finances stand in your way. This is dream time – the sky is the limit and your only responsibility initially is to cough these ideas up and get them done on paper.

This may be hard or easy so I am going to give you the week to think about this and we will take this subject up again next week. In the interim do what you can to come up with three things that you would absolutely love to do if you had some idea how to get started.

Feel free to share these ideas if you like – who knows you might just find that others around you are able to help.

By Robin Trimingham


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