Cats, Dogs and Grandkids by Bill Storie


Cats, Dogs and Grandkids by Bill Storie

First things first. We don’t have any cats in our house these days. We did a few years ago but not now. However we do have dogs and grandkids, two and four respectively. Collectively they are named Cameron, Sadie, Naomi, Whisky, Ben and Zoe. You can work which is which !!

I’m often asked if I get more pleasure from being with the dogs or the kids. I have no idea why people should ask that but they do. It must be some sort of competitive issue in their minds. In my mind however I take pleasure from one part of that family in certain circumstances and pleasure from the other part in certain other circumstances.

I’ll give you an example. Every morning I take one part of the family on a leash for a walk. I enjoy it, they enjoy. It’s quality bonding time. I’ll let you work out which part and which name. You can also work out if it one member, two or more. Conundrum huh?

I’ll give you another example. One part of the family talks to me, one doesn’t. In fact certain members of the talking team talk incessantly. Now I don’t think the non-talking part doesn’t like me, hence won’t speak to me, it’s just that some names can and some names can’t. Worked that one out yet?

One part of the family loves television. That part, in fact only one member thereof, loves to watch sports on television. He/she sits glued to the television for hours at a time it seems. Their enjoyment is evident because he/she wags his/her tail. You’re lost now aren’t you?

When it comes to feeding there’s not much difference between one part and the other. The bottom line is that all members seem to enjoy eating in my house more than they do in their own house/kennel. That’s cute you say. Until the grocery bill comes in, and then cuteness is not high on my list of reasons to feed them all, or any of them for that matter. Some eat more than others of course and some only nibble at stuff while some would eat all day. Growing pains I’m told, but I’m not so sure.

What makes matters even more confused is that the entire family, all of us, dogs, kids and grandkids all live next door to each other here. Yup, right next door. We once thought about knocking a hole in the wall for easier access, but nobody liked my idea of a bolt on my side of the door with me having the only key. I thought it was a brilliant idea, full of love and charm. No-one agreed. Shame really.

Luckily most of the family have their own beds although some members, those with tails, seem to prefer my bed than theirs. I think it’s because my bed is higher off the ground and the air is clearer up there. Other than that I have no idea. I once tried to sleep on their bed but it really was too low and the fur balls annoyed me all night. But I did try.

So you see, there are times when one part of the family is more liked than the other part, but it totally depends on which activity we are involved with at the time. Truth be told I really don’t have any favorites, although I have to say that the female with the tail seems to like me best. I like her too I admit and we do have a special bond, but the fact is I like them all, even the cats. Oh wait !!!!

It’s getting really hot here now and I think the sun is getting to me. Who knows what gibberish I’ll come up with next week, but stop by and find out.

Finally the family says cheerio…….. Woof, Bye, Bye, Woof, Bye and Bye.

By Bill Storie






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